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Lore 5: Grand Edenia – Erenderiels’ Law


All Erenderiels must follow 10 laws decided by the councils. Anyone who is caught not abiding or purposely not following the laws will be  thrown into jail and waiting to be executed without any reasons.

The 10 laws are carved into stones. They are place around the eastern part of Grand Edenia and in their own homes.

  1. All public rituals to God can only be done by the high elders
  2. Home rituals can only be performed by the first son of the household unless the father is still around then the son  who is not married yet is not allowed to perform it 
  3. Everything that is decided by the council is final, no one is allowed to question them
  4. No one is allowed to misuse God’s name
  5. No one is allowed to covet one’s assets
  6. No murder is allowed
  7. Honour your parents
  8. Stealing is forbidden
  9. False testimonies of each other is an offence
  10. Everyone can only work for 6 days, on the 7th day everyone must rest and perform rituals to God

Since the laws are placed everywhere, everyone have no excuse not to abide the law.

Chapter 2: Completing the request and venturing out

venturing out

Request complete:

Both of you have successfully completed the quest from the elders of the other protectors groups. They have decided to give you clothes and mask to prepare yourself better in the place of the Erenderiels. Now, both of you have to work together in pairs to gather important blueprints, maps and information about the location of the 2 masterminds.

Venture out to Erenderiels:

Both of you have managed to infiltrate into the Erenderiels’ land. No spies deployed from the 5 protectors group have been caught yet. You see that the Erenderiels’ are grouping up for a spot check. Both of you have to fit into any of the groups to prevent yourself from getting caught. 

What would you do to escape this crisis?

Chapter 1: The meeting

The meeting

Both of you arrived at a tent near the eastern part of Grand Edenia with 10 other protectors chosen from the 5 groups with the exception of the Erenderiels group. The elders of each protector group had decided to send 2 of their best protectors to spy the Erenderiels’ land. This allows them to see if it is possible to go forth with their plans of infiltration.

All of 12 of the protectors include both of you are disguising yourself to find out more about the culture, language and how they move before going forth to a foreign land.

BUT… you must be careful! The Erenderiels’ traitors are lurking around to report this back to their evil masters, Lord Devantan and Eva.