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Lore 7: Grand Edenia – Entertainment


There are different types of activities that the Erenderiels would participate in to entertain themselves such as storytelling, music, dancing, wrestling, etc.

Music, dancing and food are commonly seen during large-scale festivals such as New Year, Harvesting Festival and Celebration of new life. They are use to mark out the major events or expressing their joy and contentment with life.

During rituals and sacrifices, dancing is required as it serves both a religious purpose and seeking forgiveness for the community. They would usually dance for the whole day around the fire, which they believe that God is the fire who will cleanse their sins. White garments are usually wore during this time.

During their daily lives, the Erenderiels would prefer to participate in storytelling, wrestling and gathering together for social activities.

Storytelling is a form of entertainment for children. The elders or rabbi would tell the stories about their history to the children so that they can pass them on to the future generations. Actions and expressions are important during storytelling as it engages the children.

Wrestling is another one form of daily entertainment for the older ones. As it is a showcase of strength among both sexes. People from different groups will either participate or be an onlooker, cheering for their own group people.

There is another form of entertainment where men and women are separated to enjoy time alone or away from their spouse. The men would often gather together during meal times, to discuss past events, needs and other details of making the lifestyle of Erenderiels better. The women gathered together to prepare foods, make clothing and make tent repairs.

Through all the entertainment, the Erenderiels must remember that all that they do must please God and not get too ahead of themselves.

Chapter 3: Seeking and Found out


The spot checks are done and all the spies managed to infiltrate without getting caught by the Erenderiels. All of you are doing your daily stuff when someone called out your names in a small voice.

Sparkles! Fred!

Both of you looked around and saw a person in a cloak.

Sparkles: ‘Who are you and how do you know our names? What do you want from us?’

Person in cloak: ‘Both of you are from the protectors of Silverplumes and Peligales.’

Both of you are shocked that this mysterious person knows your names. The person continues.

Person in cloak: ‘I see that the elders are sending spies to see if they can catch the masterminds and their minions so that they can save Grand Edenia. What foolish thinking, go and tell them that without seeking help from the Erenderiels they are on the losing end.’

Fred: ‘Why would you think we would believe in you and the words you are saying? Are you afraid that once you reveal yourself to us then the Erenderiels would think you are a traitor?’

Person in cloak: ‘Why should I be afraid of the Erenderiels? I believe that the elders have not told you about me. Why not let me tell you everything and both of you have to do something in return for me.’

The person sniggered and removed the cloak. Both of you are in shocked. The person is Eva.

Continue the story and what kind of information you got from Eva that could be beneficial for your conquest.

Lore 6: Grand Edenia – Erenderiels’ Celebrations


Celebrations are very common in Erenderiels as they love them. Every month they will have a huge celebration where they will celebrate for 2 weeks. For the first 4 days of each celebrations, they do not work but for the rest of the other days they will only work for half a day.

Month / Festivals:

Shevat / Day of Atonement – During this festival, there will be animal sacrifices where it symbolises the removing of wrong doings one had done during the past year and it is a time of reflection. 

Adar / New Year – Erenderiels believe that it is very important to start the year by celebrating as it is a new beginning of the year. There will be a huge feast and many people dancing around to welcome the new year. They will have an opening ritual so that they could receive blessings from God. It is the biggest festival of the year.

Nissan / Celebration of new life – Erenderiels have a month specially dedicated to new born children or the coming of age. It is a time where they celebrate new people to the family and rejoice as the child goes on to adulthood. Parents will get new clothes and a feast will be prepared for them. It is the third biggest festival of the year.

Iyar / Passover – It is a time where they remember how their ancestors suffered from slavery and was brought out by God.

Sivan / Festival of Lights – It is observed by the kindling of lights on each night of the holiday, marking the rededication of the Temple

Tammuz /  Festival of Rain – The whole month is dedicated to praying for rain for the months of Av and Elul as these are the warmest months. It is observed with the hope of increasing the harvest and countering drought.

Av & Elul / Gardening Day – During the 2 months, different kinds of food are grown. Erenderiels will have to do a lot of labour work so that the food can be lasted for the whole year. It is a time where much patience and hard work are required. Usually, the younger boys will be sent to go to the steeper terrains to grow staples.  

Tishri / Harvesting Festival  – It is a time where the harvest is collected and a portion of it will be used for a feast. It is a way to thank God for his provision to the Erenderiels. It is the second biggest festival of the year.

Cheshvan / Day of Thanksgiving – It is a time to feel gratitude for the good things in life. This is a day of festivity, family reunions and lavish feasts. This day was also historically a religious observation to give thanks to the almighty God.

Kislev / Feast of Sacrifice –  During this time, it is where the Erenderiels will bring a new born lamb or goat to offer as a sacrifice to the temple. It is to ward off evil to come into the family for the whole year by applying blood of the sacrifice on their doors.

Tevet / Festival of Fire  – It is celebrated with grandeur and magnificence. It was a festivity to honor fire and to defeat the forces of darkness, frost, and cold. Camel thorns from a common desert shrub are gathered to celebrate.

Lore 5: Grand Edenia – Erenderiels’ Law


All Erenderiels must follow 10 laws decided by the councils. Anyone who is caught not abiding or purposely not following the laws will be  thrown into jail and waiting to be executed without any reasons.

The 10 laws are carved into stones. They are place around the eastern part of Grand Edenia and in their own homes.

  1. All public rituals to God can only be done by the high elders
  2. Home rituals can only be performed by the first son of the household unless the father is still around then the son  who is not married yet is not allowed to perform it 
  3. Everything that is decided by the council is final, no one is allowed to question them
  4. No one is allowed to misuse God’s name
  5. No one is allowed to covet one’s assets
  6. No murder is allowed
  7. Honour your parents
  8. Stealing is forbidden
  9. False testimonies of each other is an offence
  10. Everyone can only work for 6 days, on the 7th day everyone must rest and perform rituals to God

Since the laws are placed everywhere, everyone have no excuse not to abide the law.

Lore 4: Grand Edenia – Erenderiels’ Architecture

Erenderiels' architecture


There are 2 types of housing in the land where the Erenderiels’ lives: tents and houses.


The tents are for the rabbi Erenderiels’ as they move around the eastern part of Grand Edenia frequently. It is made of sheep’s or goats’ wool that is woven in rectangular strips. Wooden mallets and tent pegs are used to set up the structure of the tent. When they have to move, they will take them down, fold and stow for travelling. The tents are made up of 2 sections: front and back. 

The purpose is for different reasons, the front part is a public area where anyone can walk in. The rabbi will use this area to communicate with the people and have meals with them. The front part will be left open only when the weather is warm. The back part is for the rabbi to have discussions and lead their own private life.

The houses are for the rest of the Erenderiels’ as they will not have to move from one location to another. Stone, straws and mud are use to build the houses. The size and height of the houses depends on the authority of the people.

Elder’s House

The houses the elders live in is 2 stories high. 

The 1st level have a front and back part that is similar to the rabbi tent structure. The front part is where anyone can walk in for advice or needing to seek help. In the middle of the front part of the house there is a courtyard where it provided shelter, workspace for agriculture purposes, rearing animals, cooking and collecting water. The back part is where the elders would hold their meetings in private to discuss about improving the living standards of eastern part of Grand Edenia. There will be a wooden ladder which leads them to the 2nd level.

The 2nd level is where there are many rooms with small windows for the elders to rest or sleep. The place is also for bathing and doing daily chores such as weaving and drying food. There is a roof at the top to cover them.

Messenger’s House

The houses the messengers live in is 1 storey high.

The front part of the house is where daily activities such as agriculture and rearing animals are and where the elders or rabbi will come to pass them the letters so that they can deliver them to the other parts of Grand Edenia. They tend to live near the borders of their own area. The back part is where they sleep, cook and weave. The roof has a opening so that light can come in for them to do their daily chores. If there is rain, they would tie a huge cloth to prevent water from coming in.

Commoner's House

Commoner’s House

The houses the commoners is also 1 storey high. 

However their space is not separated to front and back but just a single area. There they do all their daily activities such as agriculture, rearing animals, cooking, weaving and collecting water. It is also an area for them to sleep too.




The marketplace is located outside the walls of the housing area. It is always crowded with people purchasing their goods. All sort of things can be found there. They are spices, bread, vegetables, beans, meat, fabric, pottery, cooking utensils, building materials, etc. It is also a place for trading and people gathering together.




The Erenderiels are religious people and they only have 1 temple that is located in the middle of the housing areas. This is so that all the people can come together for their daily rituals and chants. The temple has three main sections: the Outer Court, the Inner Court and Holy Place.

The Outer Court is accessible to everyone. It is where they assemble for their religious activities.

The Inner Court is restricted to only the rabbi and elders. It is where they would pray on behalf of the people to God.

The Holy Place is only accessible to one of the high elders, chosen by God after cleansing themselves through circumcision. The place contain a golden altar at which incense is offered and next to it a seven-branched candelabrum and the table with the twelve loaves of shewbread. If anyone other than the high elder enters, the person will be struck dead.

Chapter 2: Completing the request and venturing out

venturing out

Request complete:

Both of you have successfully completed the quest from the elders of the other protectors groups. They have decided to give you clothes and mask to prepare yourself better in the place of the Erenderiels. Now, both of you have to work together in pairs to gather important blueprints, maps and information about the location of the 2 masterminds.

Venture out to Erenderiels:

Both of you have managed to infiltrate into the Erenderiels’ land. No spies deployed from the 5 protectors group have been caught yet. You see that the Erenderiels’ are grouping up for a spot check. Both of you have to fit into any of the groups to prevent yourself from getting caught. 

What would you do to escape this crisis?

Lore 3: Grand Edenia – Authority


In Grand Edenia, there is no main authority that governs all the protectors’ group. However, within the protectors there are still some figure heads to listen. The heads would come together to discuss how to serve their own people better and continue to live with peace with all the other protectors’ group. 

First – The council of Grand Edenia

The council is made up of all the elders and rabbi. They would discuss about what is needed to improve the nation and how every single protector groups can help each other in the difficulties they are facing. 

They would review what have been suggested from the others and discuss further before taking into considerations on whether it can be applied to Grand Edenia.

Second – The elders

The elders are the main body of people who will make the final decisions after a meeting with their fellow protectors and people. However, they can also not take into the account of what was said in the meeting and calling the shots. In this matter, they are abusing their rights and power. 

They are the first ones to arrange to meet with other protectors’ groups when there is a problem arise or when they have important matters to discuss upon. They are highly respected by their fellow protectors and people. 

Third – The rabbis

The rabbis are the second in command after the elders. When the elders are not out for their meetings, the rabbis will make the final decision of any small matter. However if there are matters that would time to resolve, they would wait for the elders to return so that they can discuss the matter together.

They are teachers that help guide and teach the people, especially the younger protectors. They are highly knowledgable and are able to solve most of the problems. 

Fourth – The messengers

The messengers are to help pass messages to other protectors’ groups when the elders are in the mist of resolving an issue. They wear a white head band with gold inscriptions depending on their groups language.

They are allowed to pass through the other protectors’ groups freely before the Lord Devatan and Eva deciding to take over Grand Edenia. Now, they have a problem of passing messages due to the whole nation being covered in darkness.

Fifth – The commoners

The commoners are people living in Grand Edenia. They are being protected by their own protectors’ group depending on where they live in. The commoners have a say in what they want but only the reasonable request are being fulfilled. They tend to get panic easily when something happens.

Chapter 1: The meeting

The meeting

Both of you arrived at a tent near the eastern part of Grand Edenia with 10 other protectors chosen from the 5 groups with the exception of the Erenderiels group. The elders of each protector group had decided to send 2 of their best protectors to spy the Erenderiels’ land. This allows them to see if it is possible to go forth with their plans of infiltration.

All of 12 of the protectors include both of you are disguising yourself to find out more about the culture, language and how they move before going forth to a foreign land.

BUT… you must be careful! The Erenderiels’ traitors are lurking around to report this back to their evil masters, Lord Devantan and Eva.

Lore 2: Grand Edenia – Living Environment and Housing

Housing/ EnvironmentGrand Edenia:

The nation of Grand Edenia has 6 different parts where the different protectors live and guard their people. Each part have their own unique architecture style due to the environment they live in.

The Tulipiums live in the northern part of Grand Edenia, where they grow well in the partial cold and warm weather. Their houses are found in the mountains and plains. The Tulipium make their home out of sandy soil and green leaves that look like a greenhouse. 

The Eliceros live in the central part of Grand Edenia, where they love the warm, tropical weather. Their houses are found in the grassland and near large water bodies. The Eliceros uses mud and dry grass to make their comfortable home looking like the tropical forest.

The Peligales live in the clouds of Grand Edenia, where they have the whole heavens for them to keep a look out and fly freely. Since the Peligales live in the clouds, they tend to move house daily as the clouds will disappear whenever it rains. They have another alternate housing that is at the top of the trees where they pick up branches to make their own treetop houses.

The Sharays live in the southern part of Grand Edenia, where most of the water bodies are as they can only live in the water. Their houses are found under the sea. The Sharays make their home out of corals, seashells and dead creatures skeletons that look like a great coral reef.

The Silverplumes live in the western part of Grand Edenia. They live in the deep forest, where they can collect herbs, plants and dead creatures to create potions, medicines and even poison. The Silverplumes are mystical creatures who love to live inside trees and fungus.

The Erenderiels live in the eastern part of Grand Edenia, where there is an extreme temperature environment happening. Despite that, they are able to adapt well to the environment. The Erenderiels uses the scrap junk or natural items found around them to build their own homes. However, they had to move around when faced with natural disasters.


Lore: Grand Edenia

Grand EdeniaGrand Edenia, a pre-aesthetic nation of Yerusha, is located in-between the Mediterranean and Oceania Sea. In the nation there are 6 groups of protectors that lived in harmony, namely Tulipiums, Eliceros, Peligales, Sharays, Erenderiels and Silverplumes. Tulipiums are the protectors of the plants, Eliceros are the protectors of the land, Peligales are the protectors of the air, Sharays are the protectors of the sea, Erenderiels are the protectors of the human race and Sliverplumes are the protectors of the fairies.

Everything was peaceful until Eva, one of the Erenderiels’, tempted by Lord Devatan who disguise himself as a snake. He said that it was wasting her talent to be just a protector of the human race and convinced her to rule the Grand Edenia with his help. Eva did not know that Lord Devatan was a rebel kicked out of Grand Edenia and agreed to his help.

Characteristics of the protectors:

Tulipiums – ability to heal, able to create medicine and weapon of light-sword

Eliceros – ability to summon earthquake and weapon of rock-sabre

Peligales – ability to summon tornadoes and weapon of cloud-sabre

Sharays – ability to summon tsunami and weapon of coral-sabre

Erenderiels – ability to control emotions, great physical strength

Silverplumes – ability to cast magic spells and stunning the enemy by using fairy-dust

Current situation:

Lord Devatan and Eva started to attack Grand Edenia by using black magic causing the whole nation to fall into darkness. They escaped out of Yerusha and nobody except the traitors of Erenderiels know. When there is no light, the protectors are blinded and unable to find the 2 culprits. The civilians of Grand Edenia are all panicking. There are some traitors among Erenderiels causing some of the protectors and civilians to die. 

Your mission:

You can choose to be any of the protectors (Tulipiums, Eliceros, Peligales, Sharays and Silverplumes) to infiltrate the Erenderiels traitors to see what their plans are. Then from the information you gather, kill the 2 culprits to bring peace back to Grand Edenia.

Before you began, you have to decide on:

  1. Name of character
  2. Protector Group
  3. Your sidekick (choose another protector group)
  4. Attribute Points (STR, AGI, INT)
  5. What kind of effect the weapon would create
  6. Your camouflage/ disguise
  7. Back story of your character