There are different types of activities that the Erenderiels would participate in to entertain themselves such as storytelling, music, dancing, wrestling, etc.

Music, dancing and food are commonly seen during large-scale festivals such as New Year, Harvesting Festival and Celebration of new life. They are use to mark out the major events or expressing their joy and contentment with life.

During rituals and sacrifices, dancing is required as it serves both a religious purpose and seeking forgiveness for the community. They would usually dance for the whole day around the fire, which they believe that God is the fire who will cleanse their sins. White garments are usually wore during this time.

During their daily lives, the Erenderiels would prefer to participate in storytelling, wrestling and gathering together for social activities.

Storytelling is a form of entertainment for children. The elders or rabbi would tell the stories about their history to the children so that they can pass them on to the future generations. Actions and expressions are important during storytelling as it engages the children.

Wrestling is another one form of daily entertainment for the older ones. As it is a showcase of strength among both sexes. People from different groups will either participate or be an onlooker, cheering for their own group people.

There is another form of entertainment where men and women are separated to enjoy time alone or away from their spouse. The men would often gather together during meal times, to discuss past events, needs and other details of making the lifestyle of Erenderiels better. The women gathered together to prepare foods, make clothing and make tent repairs.

Through all the entertainment, the Erenderiels must remember that all that they do must please God and not get too ahead of themselves.