Week 10: Knitting

Knitting is probably one of my favourite techniques (♥ω♥*)

I’ve tried knitting before. My friend requested for a scarf for her birthday present (because she was going away to Norway for exchange, during the winter months. Her exchange was cut short due to covid though :’)) and so I set about learning how to knit. It was pretty straightforward, though it took a while for me to actually start producing even stitches and to stop ending up with more (or less) stitches than what I had cast on in the beginning. But that was that. All I knew prior to this class was just 1 method of knitting. Or just one type of stitch. What I was not aware of was just how many types of stitches there were and how they could be used in combination to produce different patterns. In this class, Prof. Galina taught us how to purl. I had a hard time trying to catch the technique during class but somehow after class, when I went back to the VC workshop and tried figuring how exactly to do a purl, I managed to catch it within 30mins. What do you know. 

In any case, to start knitting, grab a pair of knitting needles and the appropriate yarn (or more like the yarn of choice and then the appropriate needle). Most yarns would state on the back of the label what size needle is suitable. While it is best to follow the instructions, you can try experimenting with the size of the needle as this can produce some pretty interesting results (the size of the stitches will be bigger or smaller and depending on what you’re knitting and the effect you’re going for, this could be a good or bad thing). I have no idea how to actually describe the process of knitting but thankfully, there are tutorials available.

cast on knitting photo gallery

The image above is taken from Sheep&Stitch’s post on “How to Knit for Beginners”. The instructions are pretty clear and 10/10 would recommend checking out their content when learning the basics of knitting. They have another post on how to do the purl stitch as well. Included in the post is a breakdown on the difference between the knit stitch and the purl stitch which I thought was pretty cool. 

As for the applications of knitting, well, the sky is the limit I guess. Other than the usual sweaters, scarfs, socks and baby blankets, you could also knit wires to create jewellery.

Ravelry: Crystal & Wire Spiral Necklace pattern by Suraya Rina Hossain
Crystal & Wire Spiral Necklace by Suraya Rina Hossain


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