Verun is a large country, flanked by icy swathes of tundra to the north and south, and a large piece of land covered almost permanently by fog and haze, known as the Cloud. Much of the country is dominated by the official state known as Bosei, and the illegal state of Katra is situated right inside the Cloud. The once united states split upon an incident 450 years ago, and Katra has been declared an illegal state since. During CE198, 380 years ago, the Leader of the Katrai, Rawan, refused to submit as a vassal to the State of Bosei. As a result, the Eternal Emperor of Bosei, Bajin, summoned the three grand magi of the Bosei, and were ordered to cloak Katra in eternal darkness. With the lack of sunlight, the Katra were severely affected by famine as crop were unable to grow. They resorted to importing, and at times, stealing food from nearby states, raising tension between the people.

Most people of Verun are the Amor, a fair race that has the gift of the gab. Most of them end up as merchants, and a select few are inducted as Orators, the assassins of the Bosei army who decimate enemies with their voice.

The lush forests north of Verun are home to the Duma, a tall, white people especially skilled in hunting and tracking. In CE14, after a long war with the Bosei that neither side won, there was an uneasy truce, with Duma ceding a portion of land to Bosei as tribute. Trade relations normalised by CE106, and many Duma went south to serve as mercenaries, trainers, and merchants. There are still occasional raiding parties from the North that attempt to reclaim the seceded land.

To the south of Verun lies the Great Desert of Gen, the homeworld of the Vajra. Dark-skinned, physically imposing and fierce, the Vajrans serve under the Urobutcher, a former assassin who kills for progress. And experience points. The Vajra were mercenaries in the civil war between Katra and Bosei, and were renowned for their prowess in greatswords and axes. Blocking blows while splitting heads, Vajrans were hired as bodyguards and town security in Verun, with some of them joining the active Boseian military.

The Abaddon are the scourge of the Earth. Cursed by their God, Marai, ages ago, the Abaddon are restricted from the Gift of Magi, causing them to be unable to cast spells. However, their thick hides grant them significant bonuses against any elemental wrath. They are usually restricted to small pockets of villages around Verun, and they swear no fealty except to their God.

There is a rare Gift, the Marked, whom there are only three in existance at any one time, and exemplify great mental and physical prowess. However, this power is locked, and can only be released after the Blood Oath.

The Blood Oath is an event that happens when the Marked turn 22 years of age. Ritually cutting their index fingers, the three collect their blood and take turns consuming the mixture. Consuming this mixture unlocks their power, but condemns them to eternal servitude of the Bosei. As all Marked were born under the sign of the Fog, all of them are citizens of the illegal Katra, and are usually killed by assassins of the Bosei Army. Sometimes, Marked can unleash their powers on their own, but at great cost.

As the Grand Magi were weakening after centuries of servitude, the Eternal Emperor of the Bosei, Bajin, has ordered the kidnapping of the three Marked to replace the Grand Magi. The Marked, all of whom are 22 years of age, are bounded and gagged, and delivered to the Palacial Sanatorium, awaiting the ritual. The Marked were granted 12 hours of leave every week to explore the Bosei Capital, Hera, and were closely followed by members of the guard.

Along a curve downhill outside the Sanatorium, Payen, one of the Marked, tripped and fell. The guards kicked him to the side, and forced him to stand. He mumbled at one of the guards, and the guard vaporised in a beam of bright blue light. Payen was immediately Silenced by a royal magician, beaten then bound with diamond chains.

However, owing to this distraction, the two other Marked escaped. Their names are Rukki and Ayun. The Bosei High Command was immediately notified, and a warrant for their arrest was sent immediately.

As one of the Marked, you will need to escape from the immediate vicinity and search for sympathizers or help nearby, or you will risk being turned in.


1. You may not kill essential characters unless the Director allows it. All rolls against them will fail, and it makes you feel stupid.

2. You may cast spells or skills anywhere and everywhere. They may have additional effects, and may have combinations. (i.e. fire and ice creates water, or you can bash open a lock rather than lockpick it)

3. Your inventory size is limited to ten slots. Consumables may stack. Equipped weapons do not count against inventory size.

4. You will not die, but may rececive permanent debuffs and afflictions upon defeat or failed rolls.

5. You may create your own class and race. A sample list is provided below. There is a cap of +3 to total stats for classes, and +2 for races, and the Director may buff/nerf your skills depending on how you set it. You must choose either a male or female gender.

6. Other rules may be enforced further on.


Sample races and gender



+1 STR


+1 AGI



+1 AGI

+1 INT

+2 to rolls for all Speech/Intimidation/Persuasion checks.



+2 AGI

+1 to Trap check rolls.



+1 STR

+1 AGI

+1 to all melee rolls. -1 to all magic rolls.



+2 STR

May not be magi. Additional resistance check against magic spells.



Sample Classes


Recommended stat: STR

+3 STR

Forced to do another INT saving roll (2 in total) when magic is involved. Cannot cast magic.

Basic skills:


1d8 + STR-2, roll against opponent’s STR for chance to stun

A hard strike, a brutal blow.

Cooldown of three turns or three events.


Protects teammate, roll against your STR rather than your teammate’s for one turn

Defense is the best offense.

Cooldown of four turns or four events.



Arcane Warrior

Recommended  stat: STR/INT

+1 STR

+2 INT


Arcane Armour

-2 stat requirement for saving throws, i.e. 8 will become 6

Enchanted armour deflects the strongest strikes and the mightiest spells.

Can be used out of combat, cooldown of three turns or three events.

Magic Missile (1d6 + INT-3 +2)

A fast flying projectile created from raw arcane power.

Cooldown of three turns or events.



Wild Hunter

Recommended stat: AGI

AGI +3

-2 to all rolls at melee range.



Chance to do different afflictions when aiming for different parts of the target. Target has bonus saving throw if aiming for more specific parts of the body (i.e. Eyes, -5 to your rolls)

Roll 1d4 + AGI against your target’s STR + AGI.

“I’m notched, I’m taut, I’m ready to fly”


Adds an additional 1d4 to your next AGI roll.

“Arrow, find your target!”

May not stack, cooldown of 5 turns or events.




Recommended stat: INT

+5 INT

-2 STR

Passive skills:


May add +3 to any roll, at the cost of -3 for the next roll.

Weak constitution

Penalty for physical activities.



Finger of Death

Attempts to execute target. Roll 2d4 + INT against opponent’s STR+AGI+INT+1d6

“Die at my hand!”




Recommended stat: AGI/INT

+2 AGI

+1 INT

May roll another saving roll against traps and trapped environment. +2 to lockpicking/stealing rolls.




Stops all casting of spells. Roll INT against opponent’s STR.

“You. Shall. Not. Cast!”


Enchant Weapon

Enchants either own or ally’s weapon with a choice element. Lasts one turn/event, cooldown of 4 turns/events.




Recommended stat: INT

+3 INT




Deals 1d8 + INT damage. May do environmental damage, may be resisted by enemies of same element.

“Need a light?” 



Witch Doctor

Recommended stat: INT

+2 INT

+1 STR



Deals 1d3+ INT/2 damage as Poison to enemy, then INT/4 damage per turn for 3 turns. Spell may be resisted. Undead are immune.

“Ah, sweet toxicity!”


Healing Ward

Heals INT/4 damage per turn for 3 turns.



Patch notes:

Race bonus decreased from 3 to 2

Class bonus decreased from 4 to 3







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