Authority of Verun

Verun, or in this regard, Bosei, is governed by Bajin, the Eternal Emperor. Technically Bajin never dies, as he uses clones of himself, known as Lagho in the local tongue, created in the depths of the Bosei Sanitarium. Their origin is unknown.

Lagho retain the memories of their original self, and in this regard, Bajin resurrects himself whenever he dies, either by old age or unnatural causes, and retains memories, experience and knowledge, allowing him to single-handedly dominate most of Verun, and command Bosei.

Just below the Emperor in rank are the three Grand Magi, each commanding a different jurisdiction under Bosei. The Grand Magi are unnamed, and are only known as the First, the Second, and the Third, in terms of the amount of time spent being a Grand Magus. They undergo an incomplete Marked process, that grants them eternal life but at severe consequences, such as memory and morality loss, and removal of all sense of humanity.

The First commands the military of Bosei, which is structured into four distinct armies and two naval fleets. Each army is then split into six divisions, namely Cavalry, Artillery, Infantry, Sappers, Reconnaissance and Intelligence. By far, the Bosei Infantry outnumber other service branches, with an estimated three million enlisted servicemen. Bajin considers them expendable, and uses large numbers of infantrymen to quell uprisings. The Bosei Elite guard is a battalion-sized (approximately 300 men) black ops service that serves as bodyguards, elite infantry, assassins and spies, and swear undying fealty to the Emperor, and is under the command of an unknown Magus, equivalent in rank and power to the Grand Magi. Magicians serve extensively with the military, usually as backline support, as portable artillery pieces, mobile hospitals or search teams. The Eastern Fleet, the larger of two fleets, is stationed in East Verun, to quell regional rebellions and negate threats by an extensive show of force. The Second Fleet is generally relegated to transport and reconnaissance.

The Second is in charge of the Guard, a policing force stationed mostly in Central Bosei. The Guard are in charge of guarding important locations, general prowling duties, counter-terrorism and to a lesser extent, spying. They are granted almost infinite power, and claims of abuse of power are quite commonplace. They are also allowed to detain (and torture, but not openly admited) suspects without trial.

The Third is in charge of the Priesthood, a religious service that worships and serves Bajin as their god. All other religious groups or gods are outlawed, and members executed. The Priesthood builds temples extensively with total disregard of the local populace, usually after burning down entire villages as a sacrifice to their god. Sacrifices are commonplace. The Great Temple of Bosei serves as the religious center of Bosei, with its ivory towers extending way above the Bosei skyline, visible even from the fringes of Bosei. The Great Temple has been the desired location for the casting of the Fog for the past 300 years, after the original temple in the north was sacked by the Duma.

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