Chapter 1 – Out of the Cauldron, into the Fire.

Chapter 1.1 


Ayun and Rukki (henceforth known as Signcraft Beakonwood), squat outside a squalid thatched hut, and wait for the search party to pass by. Naturally gifted and agile, Signcraft, trained as a Spellthief since young, is at home in the shadows. She glances at Ayun, a towering, menacing Abaddon to hide behind a nearby set pillars. Ayun stares disapprovingly, and does what she says. And they wait.

The thundering roar of galloping approaches, and a sizeable battalion of quick response troops from the Bosei Royal Guard passed by, not noticing the two Marked hiding in the shadows.

However, behind them strolled a wizened gentleman with a thick beard. A Bosei Soulsearcher, used specifically as magical artillery by the Bosei forces, and an expert tracker! He mutters under his breath, and a ball of light forms. It hovers steadily, but it slowly but surely is approaching your current hiding spot! You may not run away, as the mage would spot you and immediately trigger an alarm, and you will be arrested. You spot an old bell on a bell tower, and it would be a great choice to knock it down to have it roll onto the Soulsearcher. However, this would cause a great din, and you will need superhuman agility and strength to destroy the wooden beam holding the bell. The Soulsearcher wanders into a small avenue off the street, with many clothes drying via magical fire sources. He is distracted by some lingerie on the clotheslines.

Signcraft spots a sign:

[Emma’s Laundromagica]


[Encounter: Bosei Soulsearcher]

HP: 4

STR: 0

AGI: 0

INT: 4

Ayun mutters to Signcraft

“Hey, that old geezer looks weak, I’m sure I could pound him into the ground in seconds.”

Signcraft whispers back

“I can Silence him, but the problem is, if I were to do so, I would not be able to prevent any encountered magi casting their magic in the next few moments. He wouldn’t be able to shout for help too.”

Ayun mumbles

“Hmph. Suit yourself, weak Amor.”


For every event that occurs, the Director may give hints to what options you may do, and will not limit you to a choice.

What do you do now?