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2nd Presentation Slides

This presentation is going to be facts heavy, and it’s going to feel like a marine-biology science-y presentation. But, through my research, I picked out 3 fascinating facts about Corals I want to work with.

We had a previous sharing on rough ideas we wanted to work on for FYP, I presented on Coral Bleaching and the follow up question from that sharing was what is happening specifically to Singapore’s corals?

More on COBSEA:

Database found here:

*wide-ranging generalist coral species are build to survive in deeper waters

This idea is to highlight the problem about plastic waste, but in order to have it focused specifically on Corals, I am hoping to incorporate the concepts of Coral Dating or Coral Soundscapes. I am not too sure how I wish manifest it yet but here are some artist references:

Artist Mel Chin Floods Times Square With Virtual Reality Art to Sound the Alarm on Climate Change

Fish Hammer

Disruptive Devices