in Final Project


Here is my lego ABSTRACT-CUBISM-ERA wiener dog.


This is inspired by Piet Mondrain’s works. He first dabbled in Cubism at around 1912. I also tried to stick with mainly primary colours as identified in his works. Here are some examples of his works:

Broadway Boogie-Woogie, 1942 by Piet Mondrian

Victory Boogie-Woogie, 1944 by Piet Mondrian

These are my raw drawings:

And with a bit of editing, I manage to duplicate the many cylinders as well as the ‘tail’.

This is my final layout:

To view  all images at higher resolution:

I tried to go first an old school vibes with the layout with the simple graphics and borders. This is to further bring out the primary colours. Plus, with lego, it is a classic toy for children so I wanted to create that look with a simple 90s layout.

  1. Raw drawings/Photoshop drawings

    – Decent raw drawings, however line-weight could have been clearer. Also, the selection of the cylinder piece that was duplicated throughout, could have been more accurately drawn.

    Overall Presentation/Manual

    – Was very clear and concise and easy to follow instructions.


    – A simple build with effective and clear communication through the step-by-step.