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In-Class Assignment: 10sec Performance Art

What would engage me? What would I want to watch, hear, taste , feel, smell? (experience)

Brainstorm of events that last about 10 seconds:

  1. Taking 2 big gulps of bubble tea
  2. Bending down to take my drink from the vending machine
  3. Opening the ferrero rocher wrapper
  4. For a popsicle to stop smoking heavily
  5. To finish pouring the bingsoo milk
  6. Wait for the polaroid to finish developing
  7. To finish chewing on a pearl
  8. Pluck my earpiece in and start listening to music
  9. To finish putting mascara
  10. Putting on lip tint
  11. Deciding how to pose for a photo


I decided to use the time taken to gather for a photo to represent 10 seconds because I wanted everyone to feel an emotion during the 10s. By inducing a common goal of being in the photo, I manage to get everyone to have a sense of togetherness and engagement during just a short span of 10s.

The final photo that came out: