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Mnemosyne’s Scent: Scent Model and Fashion Piece


Some Behind-The-Scenes pictures:

 In attempt to texturise and give my bottle a gritty feeling

Had to carefully pick and carry a huge branch from Canteen 2 to ADM
Then have to modify the branch by cutting it down and also heat gunning it to twist and intertwine with our pole

Spray painted our SD and SO foil metal for a more clean, exquisite, androgynous vibe

Spray painted our pole with a stone texturising spray in make the pole in line with my bad scent of air freshener because this would replicate the road

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed our piece.

  1. Thanks Prav and Dan for the entire setup and presentation… I thought it would have been more dynamic if the two of you had approached the chair from opposite ends of the space and sort of “clashed” in the middle, with Prav presenting his choker and Dan, presenting the walking stick. 😉 Appreciated the beautiful “lifeline” of your Canteen 2 branch A LOT!!! The Road Tarmac look is very convincing 🙂