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Reflection: Week 13

Back with the reminder game but this time round I decided to look more into Typograms because it reminded me of one of my favourite childhood games called Dingbats. They both have the same idea of embedding the bigger idea into the pictorial form.

Reading more into Herb Lubalin, it is very interesting to find out that he was actually color blind and hence allowing him to focus more on the type, without getting distracted by everything else.

I was also reading up on an article regarding him working for Coca Cola and also working for the publisher that wants to bring down Coca Cola at the same time. It seems like even though the most logical sense was to work for the bigger cooperation considering financial benefits, however what the publisher could offer him was total creative freedom. In times of his frustration with the advertising industry had to do with feeling restricted by client briefs, he knew he did not want to loose touch with this creative liberty. Inspirational.