Artist Manifesto: now + here = nowhere

now + here = nowhere

Designing for the here and now, without consideration for the future, will lead us nowhere.

fig. 1: now here / no where

This manifesto is inspired by the experimentalism and forward thinking practices of Futurism and Postmodernism.

We live in exciting times for making art. We’re so connected by the Internet, where globalisation and technology collapses the boundaries between time and space, allowing artists to collaborate and exchange knowledge like never before.


The world is advancing at such a rapid pace where designing for the present is not enough. The solutions for today might not work for tomorrow.

Right now, the ocean is being polluted with more and more plastic because of mass production and consumerism. And it is our responsibility as designers to design packaging that is environmentally-friendly long term.

THE TYPE OF WORKS we need for the future:

fig. 2: qualities of good design that consider long term impact

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