Research: Surrealism / Dadaism / Half-Tone

Merz by Kurt Schwitters
DADA movement
  • Message behind artworks are often satirical, mocking materialistic and nationalistic ideas
  • Artworks often question society, the role of the artist and purpose of art
  • Elements consist of everyday objects with little manipulation by the artist
  • Influenced by cubism, futurism, constructivism and expressionism
  • Artistic style uses a lot of image collaging

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Project 01: My Line is Emo

about the project

To express six different emotions using traditional mark making techniques.

The concept behind this series of emotion panels are based on what goes through my head when I engage in my favourite past time – watching korean dramas.

The methodology for creating these pieces are inspired by Ed Moses who creates his work from spontaneity based on his emotions, and Julie Mehretu, who uses layers and transparency in her work.

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