Si Hui: Graphic Form Gallery

project 01: hello my name is

A typography assignment about using the letters of our names to depict four of our dream occupations. My name, Si Hui, falls vertically throughout the four panels collectively to illustrate the jobs: gardener, AirBNB host, mattress tester, and convenience store part-timer.

Hire me now ;)

project 02: zine locale

A zine assignment about exploring a local neighbourhood and expressing its unique traits abstractly. I made a visual mixtape about Waterloo Centre, a place personified as an underground artiste, who has so much to show the world, but is often overlooked, forgotten or even unknown to most people.

DJ drop the beat!

Project 02 / Part 1: Locale Research Presentation

Part 1: Research + data collection

The research gathered about Waterloo Centre comes from personal observations, real life interviews, online surveys, and online research.


128 of different age groups were shown photos of Waterloo Centre and other amenities in the vicinity. The coloured bars represent how many people recognise each place. Among 9 different places in the same area, Waterloo Centre is the most unknown (alongside Objectifs).



The arrangement of shops here are very random. On the same level, there is a private investigation office, a yoga studio, and a store selling automotive parts.


Password: wheniwasfree

Interesting features include wide stairwells, floral motif floor titles, traditional shop gate grills, curvy void deck dividers.

The view from 3.5 storey
Open stairways are wide and spacious, overlooking the other floors below
Curvy dividers on the fifth floor void deck
Bright blue shop gates with ‘x’ patterned grills

It’s so quiet that there are more pigeons than people here.

Landscape of the public space on the fifth floor
Landscape of the public space on the fifth floor
Public sheltered walkway
Pigeons sitting on the ledge and pipes. (this is real yo, not photoshopped)


Waterloo Centre is situated in the heart of the local art scene and surrounded by multi-religious places of worship.

Majority of the shops sell automotive spare parts, mostly operated and run by the elderly. On the first floor, some food and drink stalls are run by families. On the second floor, theres a trinket shop, a private investigation service and a yoga studio. On other floors, there are art galleries and shops dedicated to sports wear, vintage bicycles and other trinkets. The open plaza on the first floor, called Artsplace, is often utilised for art events and installations.

Tan Li Ling, owner of Wheniwasfour
One of the many automotive hardware stores at Waterloo Centre
The famous chicken rice stall at Waterloo Centre, a family business
A convenience store run by a 22 year old girl and her mother

The residential areas begin on the fifth floor, where it is also a public space with exercise corners and playgrounds.

The HDB flats sitting on the fifth floor
A yellow exercise corner

Established in 1978, Waterloo Centre is among the few 1/2 residential +  1/2 commercial spaces in the city area, built around the same time as Golden Mile Complex, People’s Park Complex, and Bras Basah Complex.

Located along Waterloo Street, it was named after the British’s victory in the 1815 Battle of Waterloo, making it one of the oldest roads in Singapore.


Art district – Objectifs, National Design Centre, NAFA, DECK, Singapore Calligraphy Centre, Chinese Calligraphy Society of Singapore, The Theatre Practice (formerly YMS Art Centre), Dance Ensemble Singapore. and Singapore Art Museum.

Religious diversity – Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple, Sri Krishnan Temple, Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Maghain Aboth Synagogue (built in the 70s and 80s).

art projects that have taken place there

2017 -“Proposals for Waterloo” exhibition co-organised by Noise Singapore, National Arts Council and OH! Open House. 12 artists set up art installations on the spatial structures of Waterloo Centre.