Consult: Paradoxical Spaces


Take away + Teleport


A5 art card slotted into kopi takeaway bags x 16


To create paradoxical spaces in takeaway bags by illustrating dystopian dimensions.

I associate take away bags with convenience in a fast-paced society. And on a personal level, they remind me of taking kopi orders whenever I did overtime with my colleagues at my previous internship place.

We are often so busy with our lives that when routines become mundane, we lose the fun and magic in the grind. If we are going to spend the bulk of our lives working to feed ourselves, I hope the busy-ness of life will not ‘take away’ the fun in the moments of fulfilling our responsibilities.

By illustrating whimsical worlds in these bags, I hope to create portals of escape into imaginative realms that remind us to have nonsensical fun.

Rough sketch of idea

Jellyfish in space / Ocean subverted into a small take away bag


Art style + direction
Reference: illustrations I did before

tool: micron pen

These illustrations best represent the drawing style I’d like to go for. Taking into consideration the time taken to finish drawing A1 size, this style is what I’m most comfortable with and enables me to draw the fastest.

Reference: Artwork by Tell Your Children

If possible, I’m trying to achieve this level of detail for the illustrations in this assignment.

rejected concept: meat meets machines

Tanks are taking me too long to draw and I’m struggling with human anatomy ):

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