Micro Project 06: Super-Participation

about the project

Jiaying, Si Qi, Dion and Si Hui creates a Facebook page where they share everything they do for 24-hours, including school activity, meals, online media, music, location, parties.


We ran our page like a TV show that broadcasted about the day in the life of us.


Jiaying, Si Qi and Dion mostly shared about what they did in real life whereas Si Hui (hi, it me) shared about what she did in third space, in Habbo Hotel through her avatar salmonslice.

real life dion

Posted about food she ate, online sitcoms she watched, places she went to and other things she did. She checked into Habbo Hotel in the middle of the day. I wasn’t online to play with her but I commented some suggestions on what to name her pet pig.

real life jiaying

Posted about her day out with her niece, music she listened to, and other activities she did throughout the day. She took a lot of selfies with her niece and family she went out with.

real life siqi

Posted about all the food she ate and all the places she went to. She hardly posted any selfies, but she posted many photos about the things she held in her hand that tells us about what she’s doing at that moment. She also interacted with us by posting questions or just incomprehensible text that has this effect of inviting us to comment on her posts.

third space sihui

Was more private about her real life, choosing to live out her 24 hours in Habbo Hotel through her avatar salmonslice.

By curating this third space identity, it allows me to live a life that I may not be able to in real life, such as climbing an infinite flight of stairs.

We started posting at 10am and in the beginning when I am awake in real life, I’ll try to mimic what I do in real life in Habbo Hotel, such as washing up, making breakfast and meeting Vanessa. Towards the wee hours when I’m going to bed, my third space self becomes self aware and leads a life that is very different from my real life self.

Referencing to what Hasan Elahi did with his self-surveillance project, “Tracking Transience 2.0”, I’m sort of telling you everything and nothing about me at the same time. The difference would be that my location is in third space and my avatar lives a life that is quite different from mine in real life, whereas Elahi’s location and surveillance takes place in real life.

Motivation behind super-participation

+ Being real with one another or just pure entertainment

+ Interacting with each other

How it becomes an extension and expression of our digital identity

+ Whether the way we type in our Facebook statuses is congruent with how we speak and sound in real life.

+ The type of things we post about and the activities we do throughout the day shapes the audience’s perception of our personality.

Do we try to create a persona or image of ourselves through the things that we share via social media?

+ Jiaying, Dion and Si Qi are quite real about who they are in real life. Their persona in real life mirrors their persona on social media.

+ Si Hui’s persona is more ambiguous, unclear about which aspects are congruent or different with her real life self.


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