Micro-Project 07: Video Selfie

about the project

To create a one minute video of our alter ego / imaginary double, building on the notion of the selfie and construction of a digital identity.


My online persona, runaway salmon, is having a lunch date with her pseudo salmon double. The setting takes place in my supposed habitat underwater, using the blue back drop, blowing of bubbles and sound of rain to create this makeshift reality. The one minute performance is a self confrontation of coming to terms with existence and identity.


How can the video selfie be used to alter identity?

Anything is possible on third space. We could curate ourselves in a way that is different from who we are in real life. While there is no restart button in real life, on third space, we can reshoot our video selfie until we’re satisfied with the outcome if we’re not with the first take.

How might video be used to conceal identity?

  • The use of filters that alter our facial appearance
  • The way we frame ourselves in the shot (we may choose to show only an arm, etc).
  • The use of other objects as our avatars

How do the objects that surround you contribute to your sense of identity?

The objects that we choose to include in our video could mean something related to our identity. How we interact with it could tell of our personality or our likes / dislikes.

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  1. i saw this video before and was like ??? but now it all makes sense. i like the ending where you make your alter ego come to terms with reality hahah and that’s some cannibalism there, trying to make your salmon eat fish!!!

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