Process: Colours + Composition

Equation 1: plotting evil schemes in her evil lair
Colours: Analogous


Sea monster likes to wear her stripy sweater in a silly way. She stayed up all night devising evil plans.

Aerial view of evil lair is made up of infinite pillows. A blanket is buried somewhere among the pillows. Under this blanket is the sea monster’s work station.

Her work station is a fish tank containing weapon inventory. It’s too dangerous to take them out using bare hands so the tank works like a claw machine arcade game which rolls the weapons out in capsules.

The capsules are not drawn yet but they will look like the type of plastic bags the uncle from the fish shop puts your guppies in.

Further improvements / experimentation:

  • Me: Can try different variation of pyjamas
  • Setting: The blanket should appear more popping out to form the shape of the work station.
  • Me + Setting: Folds and creases of blanket can appear in the background to suggest it is under the blanket. More variations of sea creature weapons can be included. Lying around the monster, the stuff toy ducky, a few pillows, and half-eaten cup noodles can be included.

  • I’m not sure if the teal colour scheme best describes the mood I want to portray. I’d like to continue experimenting with analogous / monochromic colours like maybe this one^
Equation 2: doing the laundry after being defeated by superhero
Colours: Triad

Doing the laundry is a therapeutic activity for sea monster after being defeated by superhero once again. Sea monster always looks forward to watching the washing machine spin up close. It reminds her of her ocean home.

Further improvements / experimentation:

  • The laundry basket looks a bit too messy / cluttered. Have to rework it somehow. Any advice / suggestions?
  • Maybe some of her laundry can look like slices of salmon since it resembles her sweater.

  • Colour scheme can try out more combinations of triads

Below is a previous work I’ve done recently which best illustrates the art style and base colours I’m going for. Using these colours, I think I need more time to experiment with different combinations e.g. split complementary / complementary / monochromatic, etc.

Equation 3: partying on a rooftop
Me Wearing a retro track suit with an exercise band over forehead. Cheeky facial expressions.
Setting Aerial view of rooftop. In the middle, there is a low square table, wide enough for a few people to sit on and have some ramen and soju. Lined up against the walls are retro arcade machines e.g. street fighter, some other shooting games. There is a retro TV with two game consoles and wireless mics for casual karaoke. There is a basket ball stand with a disco ball attached where the net is supposed to be.
Me + Setting  Sea monster with 2-3 other friends partying. I haven’t decided on how they will party yet but it will be either of the following:

Singing karaoke and dancing to the disco ball / Having ramen and soju / Playing video games (something like street fighter featuring themselves vs superheroes)

Equation 4: fighting superheroes on the street
Me Sea monster wearing a fish head, with fierce eyes, ready for battle
Setting On the streets, aerial view of traffic crossing with superhero vehicles parked around, some hovering in the air
Me + Setting  An intense battle between sea monster and super hero. Both are in mechanic body suits that span larger than buildings. Sea monster’s is made of different sea creatures e.g. prawns, crabs, piranhas, etc with a central head made of a sushi bento box. The super hero’s is like a muscular robot shooting laser beams out like Ultraman. Sea monster is defeated by super hero.
Biggest challenges so far:

    • More details can be added to the avatar to make it look more like a sea monster. Currently still looks very human. Maybe the outfit can change to something more monster like with scales.
    • Further experimentation with colours needed. I feel that the colours I’ve chosen so far are not portraying the mood I’m going for well enough.
    • I’m not sure i’m portraying my concept well enough. Any advice / suggestions on how to improve?
inspiration for character design

Further ideation and sketches in visual journal.

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