Process: Pandora’s Ice Tray


Step 1: Make a base with a hard surface and wrap it with non-stick baking paper.

Step 2: Stick the receptacle firmly onto the baking paper e.g. with silicone glue

Step 3: Fence the receptacle with a hard waterproof surface e.g. mounting board

Step 4: Brush the receptacle with lubricant e.g. baby oil

Step 5: Prepare the silicon mixture. Approximately half white to half blue.

Step 6: Mix them together in a new container. Whisk it like you mean it.

Step 7: Pour the silicone solution into the forbidden city you built around your receptacle.

If there are any air bubbles, use the back of a chopstick to poke gently.

Prepare to glue gun around the edges if your river dam starts leaking. Observe closely for the first 15 mins.

Try not to lift up the whole thing while the solution is still setting. Wait around 6 hours for it to dry.

initial module #1

The parallel voids reflect each other. The diagonal line intersects the voids and divides the square plane equally, to show reflection. And the diagonal line is inscribed into the foam model.

initial module #2

The X line and voids reflect each other symmetrically. The X is an intersection and is inscribed into the foam model.

initial sketches


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