Professional Creative Portfolio


Hello, I’m Sihui, a graphic designer whose practice focuses on storytelling through multidisciplinary formats. My areas of interest include illustration, editorial, motion graphics and branding.


‘Why did the chicken cross the road’, Video Game, 2020

An interactive narrative about Chris the chicken who gets lost in the city and needs to find his way home. Link to full project here.

‘The grass is grimmer on the odder side’, Book, 2019

A science fiction narrative about the protagonist, x, who grew up in a city covered by an impenetrable dome, and a dark secret it is hiding. The story unfolds through a series of field notes, photographs, and lab reports made by x as he navigates through this apocalyptic terrain. Link to full project here.

‘Avenir’, Type Specimen, 2018

A type specimen inspired by Frutiger’s humanist approach to geometrical precision. Link to full project here.

Analysis of her portfolio/branding presence of Alison Zai from my creative industry presentation.

Her main platforms are Instagram and a personal website to showcase her work. She has 217k followers on Instagram and I think the primary reason why people follow her is for her unique style of drawing. Her account has a consistent feed where she posts comics only. Each comic is relatable and makes you want to repost it. Her website has no biography or photo of her face. It is just an endless scroll of comics in her distinctive style, which represents what she does without the need to explain in words. I’m inspired by how her work speaks for itself without needing an extensive introduction.

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