Project 01: Hello My Name Is


To depict 4 of our dream occupations using the letters of our names. If I don’t graduate as an illustrator, I would be a gardener, AirBNB host, mattress tester, or convenience store part-timer.


The letters of my name “S I H U I” are arranged vertically in 3 overlapping layers across all 4 panels. The vertical layers are distinguished by colour:

  • left = green + yellow
  • middle = pink + orange
  • right = teal + blue

Each panel when viewed individually, illustrate a different dream job. But when all 4 panels are viewed as a whole, they form the letters of my name and ultimately, my entire fictional job universe.

What I like most about these jobs would be the working environment, hence I chose to present them in the form of isometric landscapes.

The line work and background is illustrated with digital vectors, printed out, and then the elements are coloured in with highlighters.

I wanted to try out the risograph aesthetic as neon colours would be able to express the excitement and fun I envision towards my dream jobs.

I thought it’ll be apt to use highlighters because we usually highlight something that is important to us, something that we want to remember. Similarly, I wanted to translate this into how my dream jobs are important to me.


When I was in Primary 4, I remember joining my school’s environment club CCA where we spent most of our time in the garden, caring for the flora and fauna there.

I want to be a gardener because I think it’ll be very satisfying to watch my crops grow and just being able to curate a variety of trees, flowers, fruits and vegetables seem very exciting to me.

This landscape is made up of ‘S’ and ‘I’. There is subtle letter imagery hidden in the larger letter forms. Here, there are worms and seeds planted in the fields that form ‘S’.

If you’re interested in applying for the job, kindly contact my lobang Zhu Xi Apple at

airbnb host

Last semester, I wore a yukata to school forgetting it was Halloween and when my friends asked me what I was dressed as, I thought I really looked like one of those creepy AirBNB hosts HAHA.

This continued to be a running joke among my friends but as time went by, I actually considered being an AirBNB Host. I think it’s because I’ve always wanted to decorate my own house in the most comfortable way possible, and share that experience with others.

My ideal home would be filled with fluffy blankets, pillows, retro entertainment and goose plushies!!

Side note: I stumbled upon a documentary about a love hotel in Japan that filled its rooms with animal plushies but the goose plushie was my favourite and I thought this was a must-have to match my white sheets and pillows!! The title is “INSIDE A JAPANESE LOVE HOTEL” from youtube channel Abroad In Japan.

This landscape is made up of ‘S’, ‘H’, and ‘I’. The ladder and windows form the respective letters they are found on.

If you’re interested in the job but don’t know how to start, feel free to send your enquiries to Camfy P. Low at

mattress tester

Amanda from the morning class said I should be a mattress tester since I like to roll around my bed.

In my mattress store, there is spring mattress, water bed and regular bed. The mattresses are stacked up to test whether I can be as pro as Princess and The Pea when it comes to mattress sensitivity.

This landscape is made up of ‘H’, ‘U’ and ‘I’. Based on Joy’s suggestion, the letters are formed in the grooves of the mattresses.

If you’re interested in applying for the job, kindly send your resume to Matt Razz at

convenience store part-timer

I’ve always been a huge consumer of convenience store snacks, and I’m especially intrigued by the convenience store culture in Japan and South Korea. Their product packaging is a work of art and I like how they have window seats for customers to sit down and have a cup of instant coffee or cup noodles.

This landscape is made up of ‘U’ and ‘I’. The letter forms can be found on the smiley faces of the soft drinks on the counter, the floor mat and the giant cup noodle display.

If you’re interested in applying for the job, email Chris P. Chips at No prior experience needed 😉


Process: Typography / Composition / Concept


Research: Experimental Letter Forms

Research: Artists / Methods



I think there are visible improvements in this assignment compared to my previous 2D works last semester. I’m quite satisfied with the details in the line work and how unifying the composition turned out. On the other hand, I think I still need to put in more work for colour harmony and visualising letter type as image. I think there is still a lot more potential for my letter forms to morph into so in this aspect, I want to continue to stretch my imagination further.

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