Project 01: Pandora’s Ice Tray


To create a modular receptacle based on the operative verbs – reflect, inscribe and intersect, like an ice tray of sorts.

Final outcome


The modules, when lined up together this way, create paths that link to one another. The composition is inspired by topographic maps, constellations, and structures that connect with one another.

cast in ice

Sorry there is no ice sculpture because the silicone tray is still wet so my parents are not allowing me to put it in the fridge ):

orthographic drawings of final structure

The two parallel lines reflect each other. The line that cuts diagonally across the rectangular plane intersect with the parallel lines. The lines are inscribed onto the foam model using a foam cutter.


3 Replies to “Project 01: Pandora’s Ice Tray”

  1. Clear process documentation and schematic orthogonal drawings. Please draw in the groove-detailing in your Isometric drawing instead of just representing them as lines. In addition, include some Sectional cuts of your final ice-tray and update the ice-casting process before next Fri’s class.Thanks!

  2. Sihui,have you uploaded the technical drawing ammendments?
    Do compile a Final PDF Layout for this assignment showing the final 4-6 ice-module configuration, 3 Operative Verbs, full set of Technical drawings (Plans, Sections, Elevations & Isometric drawings)…

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