Project 04: MA’s Obscure City of Voids

about the project

To build a modular city in a hidden corner of ADM, emulating a soundscape we created with three different musical instruments.

Location: Between the steps of the ADM pond
Module: Lilypad
Group members: Shah / Amanda / Si Hui

Cutting the wires and filing the acrylic has given me so many cuts and bruises on my hands sobsss :’)

final city

Link to PDF:

Includes: Process / Research / Moodbox / Soundscape

final soundscape

sound analysis

The resonating bars create this echoing note that envelopes the other sounds, then dissipates into the air. The wooden sticks create this sharp, staccato, steady beat in the background. The egg shaker creates this short, cherry-on-top sound between every fourth beat of the wooden stick.

individual moodbox

[Dominant] Resonating bars - wires
[Sub-Dominant] Wooden sticks - satay sticks
[Sub-Ordinate] Egg shaker - blu tack

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