Project 02: Kokopelli’s Sound Shaper

About the project

To create wearable art that produce sound as the model moves in it. Group members: Zhen Qi + Si Hui

final outcome


We were assigned the body parts, hip and mouth, but we decided to focus our design on the hip. The final skirt piece is inspired by the sound of walking over pebbles and the sound of white noise from the enclosed ADM staircase lobby.

In terms of visual and audible execution, we wanted to replicate the white noise, pianissimo, and porous aspects of these two contrasting sounds.

materials used
brown paper
fabric mesh
tracing paper





white noise

We made the skeleton using metal wires and plain cloth. The hoops are arranged from small to big for the skirt to fan out.


The mesh fabric is first ironed to create the folds. Then, it is meticulously sewn around the hoop. The mesh is layered with white cloth at the back to protect the modesty of the person who will wear the skirt.

We made the tracing paper folds into pockets that can hold sago seeds. As the person walks in the skirt, the sago seeds can be seen and heard moving about the folds.


orthographic sketches

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