Project 01: Pandora’s Box

about the project

To create a product or structure out of rectilinear volumes.

final model: harmony

macro application: observatory

micro application: bird feeder

I thought about harmony in the eco system and wanted to incorporate materials related to plant life and greenery for the final model. The greenery also brings in a sense of time as they grow over the object. The wood pieces are inspired by Muji Store, Sou Fujimoto and Kengo Kuma. I thought wood complemented the nature theme well.

final model: 3d sketch
final model: 2d sketch
process: 3d sketch variation 01
process: 3d sketch variation 02
process: 3d sketch variation 03
Artist reference: sou fujimoto
<  E n v i s i o n   P a v i l i o n  >
B a c k g ro u n d

This was built for the shanghai project, for the purpose of creating a public discussion space about the sustainability of the future. People were encouraged to climb the pavilion to see different perspectives at different heights. The ground floor was used to host temporary workshops and talks.

P r i n c i p l e s   o f   d e s i g n
  • Uses a skeletal / scaffolding structure
  • Absence of partitions creates a sense of transparency
<  H o u s e   V i s i o n   2 0 1 6  >


B a c k g ro u n d

This is a rental space tower constructed for the House Vision 2016 exhibition held in Tokyo. The theme of the exhibition is ‘co-individual—split and connect/separate and come together.’ This design concept challenges the norm of how private and shared spaces are segregated in rental housing. Conventionally, like any other flat, only the passageways and corridors are common spaces while the rest of a home is private. In this design, only the bedroom is private while the other sections of a home e.g. living room, kitchen, dining area are made into common spaces.

P r i n c i p l e s   o f   d e s i g n
  • Made up of stacks of rectilinear volumes, using cradling method
  • The composition of the volumes exude harmony, there is a sense of connection between all the elements
  • Gestalt theory: there is balance between the left and right sides, somewhat symmetrical in their general shape as a whole
<  M a n y   S m a l l   C u b e s  >
B a c k g ro u n d

This is an installation made up of many cubes, set up in the Tuileries Gardens of Paris. The central void holds a living area and the other cubes are built around it – some of them functioning as gardening pods, some of them for supporting the overall structure in maintaining stability and balance.

P r i n c i p l e s   o f   d e s i g n
  • Made up of voids and masses of various scales
  • Gestalt theory: the cubes are arranged in a random fashion but as a whole, looks like one unified structure
  • This composition gives the illusion of floating / suspension in mid-air, making heavy mass look light
artist reference: kengo kuma
<  O d u n p a z a r i   M o d e r n   A r t   m u s e u m  >

This reminds me of ice-cream sticks.

P r i n c i p l e s   o f   d e s i g n
  • Made up of interlocking volumes that form rectilinear boxes
  • Boxes are varied in size and scale, and are stacked on top of one another
  • The boxes are wedged into one another from different angles
product reference: muji lifestyle store
<  R e c t i l i n e a r   F u r n i t u r e >
I n s p i r a t i o n
  • Wooden furniture designed in a minimalist fashion
  • Evokes a sense of simplicity, peacefulness and harmony
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