Research: Sounds

types of sound effects

/ Foley: Using everyday objects to create sound effects /

The Art Of Adding Sound Effects To Films

This is incredible! Talented people like this don't get enough credit ? (Tap for sound)

Posted by UNILAD on Saturday, 27 May 2017


/ Ambient sound: Background sounds of a particular location /

The sounds of Singapore, can you recognise any? Comment and Like us for more of such videos!

Posted by The People's Association on Friday, 6 October 2017


Artist research: samson young

Samson Young is a Hong Kong based sound artist who uses foley to create a soundscape over a video footage. The work featured below is of his first New York show in 2015 where he recreated the soundscape of the US bombings in the Middle East using musical instruments and household objects.

artist research: Thessia Machado

Thessia Machado is an experimental musician and sound artist who constructs kinetic contraptions that compose a soundscape. Listen to the soundscape in the video below with your eyes closed. As it progresses in time, the sounds escalate in intensity using higher volume and speed, building suspense and paranoia. There is a consistent, organised rhythm in the background, overlaid with other sounds of different pitches, timbre, speeds and shapes. The way she cleverly layers her sounds form a dynamic ‘theatre of the mind’ for her audiences.



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