Process: Zine-making

zine content

How do I keep track of the name, location and date of every event? I usually announce the event details through an Instagram post so I went to scroll through my feed to dig up these information hehe.

Not every post is so straightforward with all the details written clearly but some inference can be made from the caption, for example:

The event lasted for 4 days so counting backwards from 30 April, the first day should be 27 April.

zine layout + binding

I thought about how to hand-bind the zine in the most efficient and aesthetic way. I wanted to go for a non-manufactured look with a personal touch so I didn’t ask the printing shop to bind it for me, but also mainly cuz paying for binding is $$$.

So I sat at Starbucks experimenting with folding loose paper from my notebook and found that I could form the pages using zig zag tessellation.

packaging design

I thought it’d be fitting to pack my zine in a sushi box since a bulk of my illustrations are related to sushi. yummm. The title of the project is printed on a sticker that is designed to look like the price label you’ll usually find on a sushi takeaway box. The $9.99 is just for comedic effect. 999 = call the police? Hehe.

initial project proposal

I don’t know why I look so angry but I’m not D:


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