DN1003 Foundation 3D Assignment 3: For Emiko’s Kind (Part 1)

Morphogenic Studies

When I first heard of this project, I knew I wanted to use washers so I had to look for SEM photos with circular modules. I found a SEM of fish scales and I thought it was perfect because I could use washers to recreate it.

Scanning electron micrograph (SEM) convict cichlid fish scales and skin (Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum)

I did some sketches of the arrangement of the washers before actually working on them.


I wanted to tie the washers with string but the string is fragile and snaps easily due to the weight of the washers so I ended up using staples.

I didn’t have enough of the thinner washers so I bought another type of washers and did my part 1 with it


“Convict Cichlid Fish Scales, SEM.” Digital image. Accessed November 21, 2018. https://www.sciencesource.com/Doc/SCS/Media/TR1_WATERMARKED/b/0/3/6/ SS21052219.jpg?d63657842614.

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