DN1004 Foundation 4D: Class Work

Class Exercise 1:

Use your handphone to take photos of “signifier”.

Class Exercise 2:

Experiment with found objects to create an artwork.

Living on the Edge

Just like the rubber band, people who live on the edge are flexible and take risks.

Class Exercise 3:

Write an interesting memory.


Current was a recurring word so I decided to focus on that. I tried to take a picture at the bottom of a waterfall feature so as to show the turbulent waves.

Class Exercise 4:

Take 3 photo of the same “subject” in 3 different modes

  1. Sensual
  2. Rigid
  3. Mysterious

Class Exercise 5:

Decide on one theme / rule / restriction, and take a series of photos.

Class Exercise 6:

Video Montage


A New Beginning

Class Exercise 7:

Come up with 1 rule that will create a spontaneous outcome


I used a dice function in an app to decide where I should go and took a picture at every area that I think is a junction.

1=up 2=down 3=left 4=right 5=front 6=back

If I couldn’t move up, I would take a picture of whats above me and same goes to the rest.

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