DM2000 Interactive I: Inspiring example of interactive art

COS × Studio Swine | New Spring

New Spring is an interactive installation and multisensory experience. The installation is a tree-like structure that releases bubbles containing a white mist. As the bubbles fall, it bursts when in contact with the human skin but bounces against the ground that is covered with a cloth like material. Additionally, the bubbles can be held by one if they wear the special gloves provided.

The work is said to have referenced the chandeliers of Milanese palazzos. It was also inspired by the cherry blossom festival in Japan.

“Inspired by the famous cherry blossom festival in Japan, the installation is designed to create a special moment that brings people together. A fleeting shared experience that evokes a sense of the changing seasons.”

— Studio Swine

The artist also mentioned that the work is minimalist and can be interpreted in many ways so I came up with my own interpretation.

I think that this artwork portrays the interaction between people and the environment — the skin represents humans and the bubbles represent the environment. The bubbles do not burst so quickly if they are left untouched and fall to the ground. But the moment it touches the skin, it bursts and the white mist in it dissipates into the air. Just like the bubbles, the environment is slowly being destroyed by us but what if we wear those special gloves and handle the bubbles with care? If we put in a bit more effort to protect the environment, we can enjoy it for a longer period of time, like the bubbles.

Overall, I really like this interactive installation as it brings people together and it brings back the memories of playing with bubbles as a child. It engages both the young and the old and is quite a therapeutic experience that I would like to experience myself someday!


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