Intro to Interactive 1

After a brief introduction to what we will be doing and learning in Interactive 1, we were asked to find two interactive media projects that inspired us. For the two projects, I chose the works by an art duo called “Scenocosme” and another duo, Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett.  I could not chose a specific work by each of the two though the works that first attracted me to the artists were “Metamorphy” and “CLOUD” respectively.

“Scenocosme” are known for incorporating natural elements and the influence of energy in their sound and visual installations. Which can be seen in their works like “Akousmaflore”, “Kymapetra”, and “Metamorphy”.

“Akousmaflore” is an installation involving sensitive plants that react to human touch by producing sounds of nature.

 “Kymapetra is an installation involving specific minerals and stones that react to human touch to create specific and unique vibrations in a bowl of water.

“Metamorphy” is an installation involving a transparent veil that symbolizes the elasticity of human skin.


One thing that stood out about the works of Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett is their use of light and colors. Their work focuses on interacting a large community of people, from any age and all backgrounds.

“… and the heart-rending moment where Wayne and I stood back, watching people interacting with the piece…”

The work “CLOUD” has been recreated in many location around the world and spun some sequel installation called “NEW MOON”.


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