Untitled Body Storming

Our body storming experience consisted of a whiteboard, the room lights, and the alarm on our phone. We turned off the lights as the participant walked up to the whiteboard. And when she was finally comfortable infant of the whiteboard. The lights would slowly start to flicker and the alarm from our phones would go off. We drew clocks on the whiteboard with a small circle below that represented the switch that turned the alarm off. The audience would wipe away the circle when they wanted to turn off the alarm. Once the participant turns off all the alarms, the lights turn completely on and the alarm sound halts. In the actual installation, we would have a video that started playing when the participant started feeling comfortable in the room but would glitch when the alarm and lights go off.

From this Bodystorming process, my partner and I realized that the instructions may be too vague for the audience to comprehend. Our original plan was to make the instructions vague so that the audience can discover the meaning and experience on their own. Regarding the actual experience itself, we learned that it is going to require a lot of materials such as speakers, projects, clocks, and lights. My partner and I will discuss how to reiterate the instructions so that the audience can step into the room with an umbrella understanding of what to do and why they do it, but not enough information that they enter the experience knowing how it will end.

There were no big surprises during the body storming. Though, the brevity of the experience was an unexpected revelation. As the body storming was only a brief recreation of the experience, we did not expect the participant to have finished it so quickly. I guess this made us realize, that for the audience to fully immerse themselves in the stimulation, we as the creators have to manipulate the variables even more. We also realized that we need to spread out the clocks around the different walls of the room so that the audience can fully utilize the entire space. This reflecting the vast expanse of the human brain and our stream of consciousness



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