What does different fruit sound like?

1. Red Strawberry: Chinese Bamboo Flute

characteristic of the instrument: high-pitch, lucid and vivid, vivacious and leaping rhythms


2. Orange Carrot: drum? A bongo maybe?

Anthem of Carrot Day:


3. Yellow Bananas reminds me of Carribean sea but something a bit heavier, which best described by the tone of a bass trumpet; as an instrument trumpet is warm and rich, breathy and burnished.


4. Green Apple: Strings


5. Blueberry: triangle

Author: Li Yihan, Vanessa

constantly longing for Jamón

One thought on “What does different fruit sound like?”

  1. very interesting concept. But I feel that giving each fruit a sound is very subjective. How do you think you can make it more objective in a sense that the sound is something we can relate to?

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