ADM-Red Team – Progress Update

After the iLight site visit, we have decided that we would like to put our installation under the bridge near the Esplanade area.

The consideration why we choose this location:

  1. Sheltered, will not interfere with the circuitry that we are going to install.
  2. This is a less crowded place, will be able to show interaction more noticeable.

As for the project itself, we have discussed with the IEM side and ask about feasibility with IEM Prof that we are going to make hanging flickering lights to make starry night effect, with constellations that are going to be brighter than the rest of the stars. Each star will be encased in a hemisphere casing that will diffuse the LED lights. Stars for constellation will also be made more prominent than the rest

Interaction-wise,  it will be similar to the original idea, where there will be tubes representing the city towers with bright lights and as people approach it, the city lights will get dimmer and show the starry night sky.


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