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Lino Cut – Assignment 6

LinocutĀ is a print making technique, usually by carving wood but this time I used rubber to carve out the pattern. I find this experience just like making stamp.


The challenge in this assignment is to draw the print on the rubber the opposite way you want them to be printed. So for example, if you want a tree to be printed on the right of the paper, you should draw the tree at the left of the rubber before carving it. Another thing about this print making is that if you accidentally carve a part that you did not mean to carve out, you cannot undo the process, so you have to be careful and patient.

The first print that I am making is the ship in the sea. I took this idea from Pinterest. I did not add much detail as I wanted to check and try out the printing first.


And then I carved more details such forĀ the sky


I tried another print pattern with a design that I drew myself. This is about a guy who is lost and does not know what he is doing in life, what’s his goal and a little bit depressed.


Alternative Movie Posters

Hi, this is my first attempt in creating alternative movie posters. I know that I enjoy watching movies so much and it is quite fun to take a little detail from the movie and out it in the poster.


I can relate to this movie ‘Whiplash’ as it told the story on how challenging a musician’s life can be, particularly musicians in a symphonic band or any kind of band, really. I can look back when I was struggling as a rookie in my secondary school’s Symphonic Band and again, in university. I know I’m not good enough in using Adobe Photoshop as my editing for this Alternative Poster is not that smooth, but I hope I can improve over time.