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Colour Mixing: Assignment 4

In this lesson, we learnt on how to mix and combine colours to create another colour or another shades. Basically, the theory is this:

There are 3 basic colours: red, blue and yellow. They are also called primary colours as seen in the triangle in the middle of the colour wheel below.


When you mix a primary with another primary, you will get secondary colours. Red + yellow = orange, yellow + blue = green, blue + red = purple. Secondary colours are complementary to primary colours opposite of it in the colour chart. So green is complementary to red, orange to blue, and purple to yellow. When you mix complementary colours, it will create a weird colour. However, if you use them side by side, it will help to distinguish one object to the other. Just like Christmas when they use red and green or NUS for making its logo orange and blue in colour.

Other than primary and secondary colours, we also have tertiary colours in which primary colours are mixed at different percentage. For example, more yellow mixed with a dot of blue, will results in yellowish-green, a lighter shade of green.

Colours are also categorised in two shades: warm and cool. Colours that give out reddish/yellowish shades are warm colours while colours that give out blueish/purplish shades are cool colours.

For the lesson, we practice mixing colours by painting still life. Here’s the photo of the object that we paint.



The result:



Some details: