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Response to: Interactive Environments & Experience Design

Timothy Nohe’s presentation for his interactive touchpad synthesizer shines a new light onto how we can provide a hint for collaboration to take place within an installation.

The most important takeaway I get from Timothy Nohe’s presentation was to make the interaction as intuitive as possible. For example, the touchpad box itself acts as an affordance, giving people the idea that it is the controller for the interaction. As a result, people will be curious and explore what else can they do with the machine.

Tim noted that humans are social beings. His installation can make people collaborate with each other, by providing more than one machine so that people can also learn tricks from each other, making a whole new sound.


Future World by TeamLab

This is the second time I have visited Future World exhibition by TeamLab at ArtScience Museum, so I got to witness the changes they have made. During this field trip, I am glad that the place is not crowded so that I got the chance to understand the technical aspects they use to enhance the experience of art and play.

Last time, the first exhibition was a room projected with flowers instead of the Crows. In the current Crows exhibition, not only it is more immersive and thrilling, they also use spotlight to signify the best spot for viewing.

From User Experience point of view, these exhibitions are designed to make people curious and questions what would happen if they do certain actions. And thanks to our guide, Takasu, we are able to understand what kind of sensors they are using, what kind of concepts that drive TeamLab to make this exhibition. All these information are important for us to further develop our ideas on the iLight project.