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Dots, Lines and Shapes – Assignment 1 (DA2002)

In the first lesson, I have learnt the different elements for designs: dots, lines and shapes. Combination of these three creates an artwork or an art piece. The way we organise these elements will showcase emotions and feelings when an audience look at our art piece. For example, confusion can be represented by swirl lines.

Our first exercise was to draw contrast between different adjectives and emotions.


1st exercise: expressing different emotions using dots (Heavy vs Light, Fast vs Slow, Soft vs Hard, Angry vs Happy)

For second exercise, we listen to “Stranger Things” opening credit and we interpret the music using dots, lines and shapes.


Interpreting music using dots, lines and shapes

Our first assignment was to interpret the feelings portrayed by an urban and nature photograph. Here’s the pictures that I have chosen to interpret in my assignment:

nature-and-environment-course Balinese field – Terasering (Nature)


Brazilian city (Urban)

First of all, I made the brainstorming in thumbnails:


And then I proceeded in drawing the first draft for interpretation of the Urban photo:


Below is the first draft for interpretation of the Nature photo: