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Typographic Portrait Research

Upon receiving this new project, I’m was pretty much excited to create a typographic portrait of my own name, it could be my name or initials. Interestingly how this works is that we are suppose to produce a total of six A5 size of “MY NAME IS, AND I’M A…..”. it could be an occupation, feelings, personalities or trait of our self.


So my first approach on this was to list down as many as possible all my dream occupation, my hobbies and some of my current activities that I’m doing which is Rock Climbing.


After short listed a few, and went on to choose six, which is the requirement for the project. Hence I decided to work on, “I’m a firefighter”, “I’m a graphic design”, “I’m a Muslim”,” I’m a tailor”, “I’m a Rock climber” and “I’m a gardener”.  Each of these play an important role in my life and have a great story to tell.


The aim of this project is to use as end in itself, meaning minimizing supporting imagery. However, it must be conceptually driven solutions and letter forms are combined with abstract images that express the intended message. I did further research on some existing typography to get inspiration from them. It is definitely not easy. A lot of careful thoughts need to be done, especially if we want our concept and the final execution to be an amazing and worth looking at.


I had in mind some specific technique I want to work on, like crafting and digital methods after looking at some inspirational work from the internet. I also picked up some books over at the ADM library to find out about typography design. Below are some of the inspirational typographic images that could be mind-blowing to some of us, well at-least for me. Hahaha!

3d-letter-art-09 3d-typography-vault49 5aaca8758613ddd906454d6ab2a8ed9d Christoper-Labrooys-3D-Typography-Art-1-600x402 Creating-Good-Enough-to-Eat-Typography logo sabeena18r5jog5q03erjpg