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Typographic Portrait – Process/Execution/Experimentation

Well, I’m glad to be able to finalize the six occupation or activities that I want to work on, without thinking much, I decide to use my Instagram account username to be part of the portrait, and that is “IBXZB”. I strategically planned to use this text across all my design just to ensure the consistency, although my design varies form one another.


Therefore, I came out with some sketches, after doing a research. Doodle out some designs as well before consulting Professor Shirley.




A couple of feedbacks and constructive comments was given to me by Prof. Shirley, what work best and what’s not to be include. I asked some opinion of my friends to if it works. The comments are pretty much positive. Hence I started experimenting some of my design which seems really fun for me. I went to get some materials and start to explore with them and tried making something out of it.




I’m IBXZB and I’m a Tailor.

It was fun using just the essential material for all tailor to work on their piece of fabrics which is needle and thread. I’ve gotten a red colored linen thread because it has a strong contrast when I laid a khaki colored linen fabric on the background. I used a method such that It creates a 3-dimentional form. I thought this idea was quite cool because I’ve seen it somewhere before so I adopted that and translate it to my own interpretation.


2016-01-21 21.01.592016-01-21 21.02.14

2016-01-26 12.08.032016-01-21 22.37.022016-01-21 21.01.44


I’m IBXZB and I’m a Rock-Climber

I’ve been fascinated with the tiles that I usually hung on when I do rock climbing, hence I thought I could make something out of it. The idea of arranging the tiles is pretty much similar to that arranging typography. Hence it would be really cool if I have my own rock wall with the tiles spelt out as my name. I bought some colored clay to make the tiles and some pins to create such that it looks like a metal nuts. I also used the soft compressed wood to create the background and made a little inclined ramp to give a feel of real rock wall.

2016-01-26 11.30.49 2016-01-26 11.30.43


I’m IBXZB and I’m a Muslim

I thought I would like to do this digitally, but after a careful consideration, I decided to make a paper cut. This idea of using some Islamic art elements to include would be an impactful one. As it is the foundation of being a Muslim. Therefore, went on the internet and find the best Islamic pattern to interpret my design. There are many in the internet but I choose the one that has a great contrast for the whole look that I would like to achieved and that is a simple background but evoking foreground. For the typeface, initially I wanted to use Arabic fonts, but after approaching Prof. Shirley, she suggested an English font with an Arabic style instead, which is genius. So I created them in the Photoshop and printed the fonts. I also printed the Islamic prints for the later stage.

IMG_0305 IMG_0307

IMG_03082016-02-16 09.37.005x5-pattens1



I’m IBXZB and I’m a Gardener

Gardener is considered one of the best occupation because you are working and enjoying the nature at the same time. for this particular design I would like to evoke a sense of real garden, using the elements such as the soil, plants and fruits to be in cooperated in my work. After some out of the box thought, I was inspired by some food that look like a garden concept. Therefore, I decided to do a little experiment on making a DIY soil out of food. And the closest I could get was chocolate compound and chocolate chips. And some other parts to be use with edible product if possible.

IMG_0311 IMG_0313