A Line is a Dot that went for a Walk

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My concept for “A Line is a Dot that went for a Walk” is mainly adapted from Nature and people, here i would like to potray a simple and Heavy forms of using lines to achieve an overall balance in my artwork. I used basic tools such as pencils, pens, markers and paint to create the lines.


My definitions of the eighteen subjects:

Photo 7-9-15 6 28 13 pm

1. Anxious
when I’m anxious usually I tend to think too much, but still showing my calmness despite being anxious deep inside. Definitely I could not sit still and move in various directions. Hence the lines I created for anxious would be adaptation of of what I felt. By using an ultra fine point, showing various directions, in a fine strokes and a little shading for the background to to create subtle dramatic effect.


Photo 7-9-15 6 29 10 pm

2. Embarrassed
Embarrassed to me is having fear and pressure that somehow I felt like being laughed at and being looked like an idiot and certainly makes me wanna hide. therefore this design convey some curving in irregular lines and the density between the intersection portrays hiding.


Photo 7-9-15 6 29 38 pm

3. Bizarre
This one is very interesting, when I see “Bizarre” word, It remind me of tyro-phobia which I have, particularly when looking at abundance of circles in a peculiar way. Hence I used pencils to create a lot of circles and shaded it in a different set of tonal range to create a sense of forms.


Photo 7-9-15 6 30 03 pm

4. Exhausted
Eventually this feeling would remind me of falling apart and just fall to the ground, everything seems very weak. Using fine strokes, I put it such that all fine line from top start to fall down and you could see from the image above the density of the strokes at the bottom are huge comparing the top. Apart from that I leaves a lot of white spaces for the overall feel of lightness and weakness.


Photo 7-9-15 6 30 31 pm

5. Fragile
Fragile tremendously make me think about shattered glasses, probably due to many careless handling of fragile object that I used to break often when I was young. Hence my interpretation of fragile here is showing some elements of shattered glass and big pieces to create variation within the strips.


Photo 7-9-15 6 30 48 pm

6. Systematic
Systematic to me it flows in certain order, can be very neat, organized and well planned, for this subject, I decided to use simple basic design elements and that is dots and lines leaving a lot of white spaces to kept it clean.


Photo 7-9-15 6 31 02 pm

7. Lyrical
Basically the Lyrical to me would be inspired when hearing music, I closed my eye and feel the emotion of the music in this subject, used ultra fine point markers and Chinese painting, I brushed the strokes while enjoying the music.


Photo 7-9-15 6 31 18 pm

8. Turbulent
My definition of Turbulent will be chaotic and it is an adaptation of a strong turbulent experience I encounter while in the plane, that got the situation really crazy and chaotic, for the strip I used different type of brushes to create a circular motions.


Photo 7-9-15 6 31 35 pm

9. Nonsensical
It is supposed to be fun, silly and doesn’t make any sense. Hence i used wormy kind design that played with balls which doesn’t make any sense at all. Markers were used for the outline and pencil for some shadings.


Photo 7-9-15 6 33 01 pm

10. Psychotic
Psychotic to me is when someone tries to control his / her mental state, however hard they tried things eventually gets worst. For my interpretation here, I used Thread and sew the strips, it started of being pretty much systematic and organised but eventually the stitches gets haywire and no longer able to control the mind that seems to relate a lot to “Psychotic”.


Photo 7-9-15 6 33 13 pm

11. Ambiguous
It is very unclear, vague and could not really interpret the meaning. Therefore I thought of using simple shapes by just overlapping it and uses high density of black and white tone to create a sense of unclear piece.


Photo 7-9-15 6 33 30 pm

12. Distracted
Distracted is supposed to be many things going at a period of time and it is very distracted when many elements are combined. Here is a piece that focus on many elements that pretty much seems to be many thing going on, it is inspired by one of the roof top of a shopping mall called JEMS that I went to.


Photo 7-9-15 6 33 51 pm

13. Sensual
To me Sensual is something that is pleasing to the body and senses, when I think about sensual, I think of a smooth groovy silky fabric that is pretty shiny and flowy. Hence I wanted to create something dramatic feeling using lines and evoke arousing effect which could be pleasing to the eye. It is also in inspired by the beauty of women curvature figure.


Photo 7-9-15 6 34 03 pm

14. Sloven
It defines as messy and not organised, hence my approach on this one is using a piece of crumpled tissue paper added a little paint on it and therefore starts to dabbed on the strips.


Photo 7-9-15 6 34 17 pm

15. Spontaneous
Spontaneous is very straight forward I believed, it is during a period of time when you show the spontaneity. Hence the long strips represents a time line and only a particular section of the strips where it has its peak of lines.


Photo 7-9-15 6 35 54 pm

16. Agressive
To me agressive is relatable to sharpness and fine lines with bold contrast, hence I created a sharp edges effect by drawing and some contrast in the shading to create the tensity level of agressiveness.


Photo 7-9-15 6 36 34 pm

17. Awkward
To me awkward is showing weirdness and some distance to the other person it tends to be shy also. This expression which I tried to evoke is showing how weird it looks and doesn’t have the harmony and showing some proximity spaces.


Photo 7-9-15 6 37 24 pm

18. Indecisive
When you can’t decide between choices and contemplating on choosing the only one, hence i put a line in between and distinguished it by the shapes using pencil and Pen.