My idea on creating an adventurous theme came greatly because I personally enjoyed being in outdoor and travel. Some of elements which I used has an ideal interpretation of the adjectives that describes me.

I decided to do every frames digitally using the pen tool because I believed that I’m more well versed and confident in using the medium.

Besides that, I would also like to achieve a minimal clean vectorized design, but at the same time has a great impact that could grab the attention of viewer.

Take for example the first equation, I used a honey yellow for the base as yellow is a color that grabs the attention of the viewer. And I believe it works here without we even realizing it.

So the ensemble of the colors, complements each other in every equation, I repeated the colors across each equation so that it has a consistency in the overall aesthetic look despite that we could see distinct contrast like the background colors which is honey yellow, the Prussian blue, teal, and khaki. These colors have a sets of meaning that I would like to evoke.

Before I started on putting the right colors, I made some research and get some inspiration on a color palette in color.adobe.com. I used mostly split complementary and triad color combination split-complementary color scheme has the same strong visual contrast as the complementary color scheme, but has less pressure. As for the triad color it combines to create color harmonies.











The first equation is independent plus adventurous equals explorer me. I used the swiss army as it is best describe an independent me. Generally, I don’t like to rely on others for aid or support unless I really need it. I used red color to evoke courage, strength, energy and determination. Red also has a great contrast against the yellow background to bring out the subject further.

I describe myself adventurous mainly because I really love exploring and taking risk, sometime when we travel or explore to a foreign place we tend to get lost but to me it is an adventure to get lost. Hence I used Pine green for the tent to represent optimism, green also relates to nature. Independent plus adventurous and I got me, still finding myself and exploring by showing a sense of achieving towards my goal in a mountain composition. Having the khaki or brownish tone for the mountain that also represents endurance, nature and earthy.


That leads to the next equation loyal minus possessive equals to better me. Loyalty trait has always been in me. Being faithful to friends and commitment. Hence i thought a matchbox is a great way to interpret this equation. The loyalty for a matchbox is between the matchsticks and the coarse striking surface on one edge for lighting the matches contained inside. They are like a bunch of friends that cannot be separated, but if they do, they would be separated for the rest of their life that and that leads to the possessive me, sometime I maybe possessive, keeping things within me, just like this illustration, but once I eliminate it, I will get a better me, which comes the fire that represents a burning sensation and desire in achieving the best, something better. I used the Prussian blue for the background as blue represents loyalty, it is also a color of spirits. The brown wood color on ‘better me’ composition is to evoke a sense of earthy, nature and confidence.


Next equation, Preparedness multiply by Nature and I get Ideal me which is also Satisfaction.   Preparedness and being ever ready, I will always take account on this whenever there is event or task to be done. Being ever ready.

Same like the mass tins that we bring along if we are into the forest. The Gray color to show serious and intelligence, contrasting the brown that is in the nature.

Multiply by nature, using fish to represents this frame. I have always appreciated the beauty of nature. It has a great intangible connection to me. Having the Honey yellow and a shade of orange to evoke lifelines, cheerfulness, and energy at the same time. And the Ideal me shows a sense of satisfaction. From my point of view, we should be grateful for what we have, because there are more less fortunate people out there. Thus I hope having a simple cooked fish delivers what I would like to convey here. Always be humble and grateful and that makes ideal me.



The Last equation represents Dependable Plus Visionary and I get me in five years’ time. The backpack design was an inspiration from my own bag. I used pine and forest green. Green represents durable and reliable hence with this I would like to show the dependable me which could also mean trustworthy. Being an ambivert also allows me to think a lot and always having a great sense of vision to my future, whether or not the dreams come true, I’m not sure but dreams doesn’t come just like that, it is me that needs to make the dream.

And therefore the final frame represents  me standing on a mountain. It is suppose to show me achieving my goal. But I really hope I could give back to society and do social work out there.



Behind the scene


Photo 6-11-15, 11 14 16 AM

Some rough sketches done before consultation with Prof.Shirley to finalise on the ideas.

Photo 6-11-15, 11 14 58 AM copy

Getting some constructive feedback and work on the simple things like the EXAMPLES below

Photo 6-11-15, 11 15 08 AM copyPhoto 6-11-15, 11 15 13 AM copyPhoto 6-11-15, 11 14 24 AM


Getting the right colors…







Overall, I find this project really interesting. We make use of what we have gained from the previous two projects. Through this project also, we are able to identify some of the traits we possessed that we ourselves haven’t identify. And the best part is getting to know what are my classmates EGO(=! Thank you to everyone for making my first semester a memorable one! It has been a great pleasure knowing you guys!