Lore VI: The Insecure One – ( ‘Celebrations’ )

With little left to celebrate in Whatslef, survivors instead give ‘recognition’ towards the completion of a round of travel.

The ‘first’ Whatslef was the region within which Inse’s gaze first spared survivors before the first turn. It is hence used as a reference point, indicating a completed round of travel when arrived to or passed by again, and typically, elicits a range of emotions from survivors which span from indifference to general angst or actual festivities.

Rather than formally ‘celebrate’, however, different groups gradually developed idiosyncrasies/tendencies which would emerge around the location, with specific practices being the most conscious of them, and simple habits being the least.



Initially all the more on on guard in light of the increased Zealot activity, the Barriguards eventually came to recognize the relatively harmless pattern in their behaviors. 

Although they do not let down their guard, they do allow for a brief celebration of their own to commemorate another completed turn they lived to see. In order to keep up morale, the re-arrival to the ‘first’ Whatslef is deemed to be part owing to the Barriguard’s success in guarding Inse from harm, hence preventing any backlash from It upon them.

The Barriguards hence allow their members and selective family members to leave the confines of the barricade for the duration of time they remain in the ‘first’ Whatslef region. These temporary leaves of duty are scheduled among themselves and only last a few hours each, but allow for a much welcomed break. As the Barriguards are not a uniformed order, their members can easily pass off as regular survivors, and hence while out wandering the rest of Whatslef among the common survivors, use this to maintain a low profile and avoid unnecessary conflict.


The Zealots are the only ones to actually celebrate, ever, in Whatslef. The completion of a turn, and hence return to where their new lives under Inse began, is marked by blessings as a holy day.  Preparations for arriving to the area begin in advance, and prayers accompany ritualistic reenactments of the days leading up to Inse’s arrival to the world. Regular survivors who venture near the Zealot lands often witness such spectacles, which, like everything done by the Zealots, are exceedingly detailed, specific and grand.

Often, however, piles of the deceased (those first lost to Inse’s arrival) would go missing in the days prior to these reenactments, and if none are available in the region, a small number of survivors would typically go missing, eliciting rumors the Zealots partake also in recreating Inse’s destruction of life, either symbolically or literally. No proof is ever found of either, but the disappearances persists.

The moment of breaching into the ‘first’ Whatslef is seen as the day the world was ‘reborn’ and ‘received by Inse’ ; Survivors beyond their lands no matter how far away can always hear the Zealots bursting into instantaneous, cacophonous festivities. These go on for days into the travel or stillness without any relief or respite. 

It is only when the duration of being in the ‘first’ Whatsleft is three quarters way through that the Zealots suddenly go silent, and again, this is used by survivors as another time marker. Intensified prayers take over every moment left remaining in the area, and most Zealots are ever spotted outside their temples. The few who are-those guarding their lands-are seen doing so without ceasing in their share of the worship. The chants, in some cases, are all that can be heard if one wanders near enough to their lands, and like the festivities, never seem to cease in their rigor.

Upon leaving the ‘first’ Whatslef however, the Zealots break out in a final few hours of festivities, and even those who despise them admit the festivities exude an undeniable sense of well-being and certainty. In essence, the last of the festivities celebrate the future Inse has laid out for the world, and hence, regardless of its unpredictable nature, is still deemed worthy of worship and thanksgiving.


The best preserved remains of the world’s standing air stations and bases are situated in the ‘first’ Whatslef region, having been exposed to comparatively the ‘shortest’ period of decay. Still badly deteriorated-practically ruins from having also been the first looted-they developed sympathetic  value among the airfarers, who remember them from their former glory and their service before and after Inse’s arrival. When passing by these ruins, air vessels will hence expose and turn their weapons in their direction, saluting every crashed wreckage  and barely standing vertical station.

Should the turn end within the region, allowing them to dock, the Clusters will set their Docking Grounds within travelling distance to them and station crew members by the ruins in order to protect them. Vessels, primarily those confident of repelling any Saboteur antics, will even station themselves away from their Cluster and above the structures in order to mark them as ‘protected’. 

Unofficial Groups and Callings:


The Ritesmen become near non-existent when within this region of Whatslef, as it is here that their ever-failing attempts to dispose of the dead are re-presented to them in its entirety. Having had the entire turn to devise new ways to set the dead to rest, it is at this place, where it began, that they set their expectations the highest; yet, they see their failures supersede them every time.

Initially, the Ritesmen’s ‘tradition’ involved patrolling and guarding the dead out of fear of them being taken by the Zealots. Over time however, their failures to do so diminished their efforts, as well as the remains of the dead left to guard, and hence, the practice faded away.

Among some groups however, a single body from either the long dead or recently passed is kept hidden and guarded in this time; a single victory, if it is all achievable, that they strive to keep. It is only at the success of preserving these individual corpses that the Ritesmen celebrate, but often, these celebrations are short-lived.


Most Railfolk tend to become more paranoid around this region and tend to completely avoid the East Peripheral rather than prepare the rails from it like they usually do. It could be owing to almost anything, and those who care to speculate claim it is from the region being the least suited to their rail construction, whilst others say it is because it is the most depleted in resources.

Whatever the reason, Railfolk generally become shifty and easily agitated, and like most survivors, distract themselves by reminiscing about the pre-Inse days, and fervently bitching about the post ones they are still being forced to live.


Scavenger-Traders go quiet around this region or time period, as stripped of most resources, the area provides them with little to carry on their trade with.

Instead, some risk wandering closer to the Zealot lands in search of any remains they might claim for themselves left over from the festivities, while others head further out to join the Railfolk in the hopes of procuring more resources or wares the folks’ train permits them carry in abundance.

Like most survivors, they have nothing to celebrate.

General Survivors:


Survivors have nothing to celebrate. Their normal lives ended in this region where Inse first arrived to and the turns began, and so if they acknowledge it at all, it is often just in the form of feeling mellow or angry, and hence acting out if they feel like it. Typically, they  ‘celebrate’ by either:

  1. Gathering to bitch about Inse and the life It left them with
  2. Doing nothing, feeling nothing or feeling agitated
  3. Spending most of their time inside their transports so they do not have to look at the place
  4. Going towards the Zealot lands to chuck rocks, debris or non-threatening projectiles from a safe distance into the camps at the celebrating temples and worshipers.
  5. Or carrying out mock celebrations outside the Zealot lands from a safe distance making fun of their practices.


Assuming they are even still alive at the point Inse’s turn is on the ‘first’ Whatslef, Extravs have the least regard for the place, and as such little to no reaction or cause to ‘celebrate’,  having spent all their time elsewhere and developing no roots there whatsoever. 


Riskies often dedicate this period of time to celebrating in their own way: Making things difficult for everyone else celebrating the end of the turn or not.

Zealots: True to their natures, they attempt pranks on the Zealots and join in on the mock celebrations that are often carried out outside their lands. Such gatherings by the survivors are sometimes used as cover when something goes wrong, and the Zealots momentarily break their festivities to address the disruption or eliminate the blasphemous activity.

Barriguards: Riskies also seek out Barriguards to harass for the heck of it, as it is an open secret that they emerge from their lands during the time Inse’s gaze is over the ‘first’ Whatslef. While most end in simple scuffles or at worst an actual fight, rare cases have seen members from either side being shot or seriously wounded. Those Riskies who survive however live to do it all again the next time round, this time with specific targets in mind to bother.

A less practiced, but much riskier, nuisance they provide to the Barriguards involve a screaming individual or small group of them charging the barricade dressed as Zealots in plain sight before tossing off the costumes and running away just before they get in range of actually being fired upon. Underestimating the safe distance has led on several occasions to serious injuries and on one occasion death. Still, the prank continues.

Airfarers: Riskies some times also go after the Airfarers in this time, and stage mock threats upon their guarded stations by firing blanks or false beams (in the case of the magically inclined) at them, before running away as well. A bomb scare was successfully achieved thrice over the ten years, but has since lost their effectiveness.

Ritesmen: A lesser practiced nuisance involves stealing or swapping out the guarded corpse under the protection of the Ritesmen, but very few Riskies do this more than once.


Saboteurs are the second group to actually ‘celebrate’ the completion of the turn and often gather to share their antics from over the period of travel. The ‘best of them’ are usually dared to carry out the first big sabotage of the new turn, and this usually leads to multiple groups and individuals trying to outdo each other for the score. The entire duration of time spent in the ‘first’ Whatslef is hence open to this sabotage arms race, which ultimately became a traditional competition among them.

Although targets like the Zealots and Barriguards are occasionally targeted, they are generally deemed the ‘easier’ pickings as the difficulty of hitting them comes with the added advantage/’handicap’ of bragging rights to help their stories.

Saboteurs hence try to attack ‘lessor’ groups and regions to make their efforts seem more significant, and the results vary immensely with each concluded turn.

Special precautions against Saboteurs are hence taken during this time period, and casualties on either side can become common.


Considering the region is where it all first began, most attempts at reversing what had happened occurs at the end of a turn. The attempts vary but often fall under the radar as none ever produce any results. Survivors often joke that the attempts are so pointless and futile that even Inse is never threatened by them, hence never speeding up Its turn or reacting in any way whatsoever to their attempts to magically or scientifically end It.


The Insecure One: Chapter 2 – By Air or Earth

(Stillness: 3 days, Travel: 9 days)

Day 1

Loading onto their respective transports, the Riley family and Luelle-Doubter duo set out for the Docking Grounds.

The ‘Kosshor’ Cluster of looming airships and air balloons had already been visible in the distance from the crash site; the sheer size of the crafts as they hummed the odd 18 to 24 stories above the ground made them impossible to miss. Getting to the grounds was only a matter of driving over the ruins and debris of the old world, the occasional piles of the long deceased adding a grim reminder to the otherwise mundane trip.

As the two parties journeyed, albeit at a distance from each other, it soon became apparent that they were not the only ones rallying to Sergo’s call. Multiple other vehicles zipped by and joined in the way, and above, even some of the strictly solitary air vessels were heading in the same direction.

Usually, it was only the crew and passengers who were allowed even near the Docking Grounds, with visits from outsiders being strictly regulated.

As the Riley Caravan and Saboteur Duo drove up into the grounds however, they found it completely packed. Survivors of every walk of life were there, and seeing even their Saboteur group there, Luelle and Doubter could only throw over disgruntled frowns when the group met their eye and shook their heads in warning.

The mayhem would come, but not just yet.

As the minutes went by the Docking Grounds grew increasingly crowded, and those gathered turned restless. Stuck side by side in the crowd, the Riley Family Caravan and Saboteur Duo could only tolerate the buzzing around them and each other’s presence in silence. A while longer passed with the Cluster just hovering above them, the airship Kosshor (the Cluster’s leading vessel) suspended silently in their midst.

Finally a series of horns went off from the ships, and one of the air balloons began to descend. It stopped 8 meters off the ground, and looking over the gathered through the screen of the hanging deck, Sergo spoke into an amplifier.


The balloon stabilized where it hovered, and he continued.


He paused.


Rumbling, like a collapsing building or thunder grew in the distance before fading off into silence, and looking across the land, it seemed nothing had been disturbed. A murmur slipped through the silence that ensued, and perhaps fueled by paranoia, claimed the distant silhouette of Inse had taken on a glow.

Above however, Sergo hesitated to proceed, then did, his voice now strained, anxious.


His balloon began to rise again.


The balloon rose up into the sky, docking by the Kosshor itself. On the ground, the gathered began to murmur, hesitation and uncertainty brewing. Finally, they began to fracture, and although some trailed off away from the Docking Grounds, the majority began to approach the grounded air vessels.

Among them were several smaller airships, a medium one, two air balloons, and strangely enough, a small group of air-affiliated ground transports typically used in repairs and cargo transfers.

What do you do?


[OOC] You two can either stay together or go in opposite directions I don’t mind either.

Lore V: The Insecure One – ( ‘Law’ )

The inconsistent state and location of the survivors of Whatslef make it impossible to officially organize society into a certain state of order. While some groups share a common way of life, the majority came to establish an unsaid and unwritten, but mutually accepted, way of life and mutual coexistence.



Typically, since few survivors-the Saboteurs excluded-would bother or interact with each other unnecessarily, survivors usually follow along the lines of the following practices:

  • Weapons are not carried in hand/leveled/aimed when within proximity of other groups or individuals
  • Camps are not approached without the owner acknowledging the visitor’s presence first
  • Scavenging is done in the proximity of others only when they know you are there, otherwise, the presence, whether welcomed or not, announces itself to avoid unwanted, impulsive conflict
  • Vehicles keep a distance from others if traveling within Whatslef during times of stillness.
  • Vehicles do not bear mounted weapons. By right, there is no reason to need them.

When conflict does arise, either as a result of the above going wrong or not being sufficiently practiced, the following is usually observed when others outside the conflicting parties are around:

  • Conflict that may result in collateral is met with intervention if necessary, but only if the intervention is carried out by more than one onlooking individual/group
  • Violence, when it breaks out, is restricted to the parties involved. All those associated with the collateral immediately takes on the side opposing that which inflicted the damage, and eliminate the mutual threat or threats
  • Following the resolution of a conflict, whether by means of negotiation, coercion, force or a party emerging victorious, the involved parties and those associated to them are watched by other survivors. Word spreads fast despite the relative distancing survivors practice, as a threat to one may suggest a threat to all.

Barriguards and Zealots:

Those who carried out the first attacks against Inse were the first to recognize the consequences of doing so. Rallying together, they created the second and most formidable line of defense in the Fore-lands, the Barriguards, against those out to destroy Inse in the hopes of preventing the attacks from worsening the situation. They are stationed at the base of Inse Itself, where they have set up the infamous barricade.

The Zealots on the other hand worship Inse as a god, and make up the first line of defense in the outer region of the Fore-lands. Armed like any other survivor, they patrol the outer Fore-lands.

The two groups are distinct from each other but share in the same goal of preventing others from bringing harm to Inse. Hence, when within the Fore-grounds, the ‘laws’ of Whatslef are dictated by whichever group is encountered.

In the Zealot lands on the outer region, such is observed:

  • Weapons are sometimes confiscated and kept in scattered locations
  • Visitors are constantly checked on and questioned at odd times.
  • Sometimes, a small company of zealots will escort the visitors regardless of where they go and what they are doing.
  • Vehicles that are unmarked, or not obviously enough marked, by the Zealots upon entry are instantly gunned down
  • Occasionally, shootings occur at random.

The region between the Zealots and Barriguards barricade however is a heavily defended, prohibited zone. Only a few are allowed across, and the conditions of which this occurs is unknown. The Zealots appear to understand the exceptions, but never explain.




A Cluster consists of a collection of allied airships and air-balloons that stick together, cooperating and coordinating to keep each other safe and up to speed in times of travel.

Within a Cluster, the following is mutually acknowledged and practiced:

  • Vessels keep at a safe distance/varying altitudes from each other to avoid collisions
  • Weapons are kept disarmed unless the Cluster signals for the take down of a targeted vessel, during which only certain vessels will arm themselves
  • Vessels assume a role that contributes to the Cluster in times of travel (Carriers, Signalers, Rear Fliers, Side Guards and Cycle Patrollers, etc)
  • Vessels who are unable to contribute in times of travel avoid becoming a burden, and serve as runners in times of stillness.
  • Failure to do so leads to the detachment of the vessel from the Cluster, or in the case of hostile/potentially threatening vessels, lead to their elimination.


There are a few dominant Clusters among Whatslef which coexist at the same time. Typically, these Clusters are ‘led’ by a significant craft which sets the direction and pace of travel, and in times of stillness, determines where the ships will park, aka, the new Docking Grounds.

Between Clusters, the following is mutually acknowledged and practiced:

  • Clusters are to maintain significantly large distances from each other, whether during travel or stillness.
  • Should a vessel from another Cluster need to approach for whatever reason, it would have to do so alone and radio in as it does, or else risk being deemed a threat or compromised.
  • Alternatively, the vessel may near, but stop at a distance where the crew representatives will continue by land.
  • Failure to respect the air space and security of other Clusters would lead to all out battle, but as doing so would serve no one, this has yet to occur

Docking Grounds:

The Docking Grounds present the rest of Whatslef with a tight, interdependent concentration of armed air-faring crew members and their similarly armed families on the ground. With every individual out to defend their cluster-allied crew members, it is rare that trouble occurs if at all.

A sense of order does exist however on the ground, and any threat is either gunned down or detained by whichever crew is responding to it. Ultimately, it is up to the crew and their captain how to deal with the threat, and unless said threat is significant, the other vessels will not get involved.

Air Cities:

Air Cities refer to when the allied air vessels of a Cluster link up their common chambers through ladders and ramps, allowing for movement and trade between them for crew and certain trusted visitors. This is only done over the first few days of stillness to allow recovery time before the next travel to fix any setbacks that may occur during this period of vulnerability. It is a possibly the only occasion where ‘laws’ really do come into place given the sensitive location in the air.

  • Any ‘crime’ from petty theft or cheating in trade to attacks is dealt with by the vessel it occurs in. Usually, this involves the individual(s) in question being stabbed to death or thrown from the air-borne vessel in order to avoid gunfire within the vessel.
  • Should the troublemaker belong to an allied vessel of the same Cluster, the same is either done and followed up by a mention to the associated vessel or left quiet in the hope he will not be missed. Alternatively, the person/people are reported back to their vessel.
  • Should the troublemaker belong to another Cluster, this would usually mean more than one visiting at a time. In this case they are all thrown out, but not literally, and sent back to their Cluster. A second ‘crime’ in the future from any member (whether repeating or new) of the offending Cluster is met with the original consequence.

Air Space:

The airspace of the Fore-grounds expand beyond the grounds themselves, and are heavily guarded by both the Barriguards and Zealots.

Air vessels that get too close are shot down or targeted for sabotage under the presumption it meant harm.


Lore IV: The Insecure One ( Architecture )

Before Inse

Overall Nature:

The world was richly and diversely cultured before the days of Inse, and the united lands featured unique architecture representative of their many people, who at this point in time, had long ago achieved mutual tolerance for each other. Peaceful interaction and interrelations thrived, and such influences carved its way into the structures of the time.

Remodeled metal and mineral forms, advanced ferrofluids, supremely refined stone and both modified and natural land forms were complemented by the progressions of alchemy, and sorcery filled all remaining gaps and created new fields upon which to expand the possibilities of their world.


Zealot temples to different worships stood among smaller monuments of dedication, and the residencies of the scientifically and magically inclined were clustered both together and separately; no true thoughts were ever given to the natures of these divisions and unities, as such lacked significance in a world where the residents themselves understood their interdependence, and embraced their coexistence.

Trading stations, commercial transport docks, leisure facilities, etc were all communal and varied in style. While most structures were based on the ground, an intricate network ran beneath it, as well as above it, suspended among the air faring vessels of the time. 


The products of collective, nationwide efforts, monuments were built as both memorial landmarks and icons of milestones, and stories of how new breakthroughs in technology and new contacts and blessings from gods alike were celebrated through their constructions.

These monuments stood at sanity defying heights and scales, and even spanned great lengths over the lands. To enable this in the already occupied dense and clustered land, and even air, spaces, the structures were built within fractures of realities from the world’s true one, allowing monument and city to exist on the same plane without obstructing each other despite being built in the same place. The genius of the magically and/or spiritually inclined, they transformed the world, over years and years of hard work, into its own monument of success, its diverse cities spreading across the lands featuring commemorations upon commemorations. 

Significant and/or Functional Structures:

  • Air Terminals/Maintenance Docks:

Very common across the lands, terminals were often suspended at great heights by jets or magic, but were also built rooted to the ground by traditional, high-rise, metal stands. These allowed for the production and maintenance of air vessels and the ferrying of passengers and cargo alike.

  • “Hope”, The Monument to Greatness:

Not entirely true to the humility of its name, Hope was an 8000 kilometer long, 3000 kilometer wide and gradually sloping 0-1800 kilometer high stone-mix monument that stretched over the lands. Existing between realities in a masterful balance of magical and spiritual prowess, it stretched all laws of the speculated and known, combining the far extremes of every trade into an icon of the conquered impossible. Declared “Hope” by the world for the possibilities within reach it suggested for their future, it stood primary as a testament of power and well-deserved pride.


After Inse

Overall Nature:

Unable to come to terms with the massive loss and destruction, survivors of Inse’s arrival ceased to be able to cooperate as before, and while an uncertain mutuality and coexistence remained, attention skewed primarily towards self-preservation.

Scavenging and looting commenced, and any structure or building bearing versatile or valuable materials were stripped down to remodel and construct either transports or temporary shelters for the road.

The diverse and unique cultures of the people’s architecture were hence mostly broken down and blended into the clustered patchwork of their land and air vehicles. The land’s architecture on the other hand, revisited and diminished over the ten years past, came to resemble ruins of basic, almost indistinguishable frameworks of metal and stone.


Zealot temples and places of worship were initially left untouched, with significant relics protected and carried along in times of travel in order to preserve them. Small, simple alters were built as the traveling persisted, and trailed along the paths of travel in clusters to allow worshipers to place their relics in appropriate shelters in times of stillness. After years of unanswered prayers and no spiritual contact however, the majority of these lesser followings ceased to upkeep their altars, leaving the lands specked with dismal little shelters. Taken as temporary homes by travelers, these little altars were soon stripped of any excess materials, and eventually, even the surviving temples met the same fate.

Meanwhile, the communal amenities and facilities of the ground were the first to meet with looting and destruction. While their ruins still resemble some semblance of their former uses, the majority sit in states of varying decay, used as temporary shelters and parking grounds. The underground network, only partially looted towards the surface sectors, remain open even after all the years past, but the state of their lowest levels are unknown. Given Inse’s increasingly unpredictable turns, to venture underground would prove too great a risk.


Having been built within fractures of realities from the world’s true one, the world’s monuments saw what can only be described as existential deletion upon Inse’s arrival. As the world had been ripped from its realities, it left behind these monuments, which consequently, also claimed everything they had been built over, leaving behind patches of bare land. 

Of the few that had not been balanced between realities, these were eventually broken down over the years for the materials they were made of, and in the case of pure stone structures, came to serve as way points for aerial navigators. Their intricate designs and daring formations remained here and there across the lands, but under the accelerated decay experienced when Inse’s gaze was elsewhere, came to loose their color and detail.

Significant and/or Functional Structures:

  • Air Terminals/Maintenance Docks:

The disabling nature of being outside Inse’s gaze ultimately caused every suspended terminal and dock without a physical support to come crashing down, destroying the buildings beneath it. These massive ruins lie where they had crashed, portions of them missing from being looted for the parts. Those with supports on the other hand, had gradually deteriorated over the years, and while most of the stands remain upright, the terminals themselves at their tops are in varying stages of decay. Also completely looted and torn up for resources, they stand as empty, sky-high shells, avoided for fear of their inevitable collapse. 

  • “Hope”, The Monument to Greatness:

Now known only as the desolate and empty Hope Path. Having been balanced between realities, the act of Inse ripping the world from its own reality both combined and cancelled out those the Hope monument overlapped. Instantaneously destroying the cities it spanned over and all within it, Hope was virtually erased from existence in the next instance, taking with it all traces of anyone having ever been there. All that is left behind is hence a 8000 by 3000 space of empty flat land, desolate and unnaturally void of sound. While some do use it to travel when Inse’s turn crosses it, most avoid it for the fear the nothingness would ultimately drive them mad. 

Lore III: The Insecure One ( Authority )

Since the Major is constantly displaced with each turn, establishing a structured social order is virtually impossible. ‘Authority’ in Whatslef, or rather, the degree of influence an individual wields over others, is hence measured by:

  • An individual’s capacity to survive and keep up while traveling/Inse turns
  • An individual’s capacity to survive everyone else when things are stationary.

For the most part, most survivors would not care to bother others (with the exception of Saboteurs), and so the second point is rarely considered.

General Nature of ‘Order’

Since most survivors do not typically bother each other, focusing instead on their own independent survival, few to no social orders or hierarchies exist. Instead, an unsaid and unwritten, but mutually accepted, way of life and co-existence is practiced:

  • Weapons are not carried in hand when within proximity of other groups/individuals
  • Camps are not approached without the owner acknowledging the visitor’s presence first
  • Scavenging may be done in the proximity of others if they know you are there, otherwise, the presence, whether welcomed or not, announces itself to avoid unwanted, impulsive conflict
  • Conflict can be met with intervention, but only if the intervention is carried out by more than one onlooking individual/group
  • Violence, when it breaks out, is restricted to the parties involved. All those associated with the collateral immediately takes on the side opposing those who inflicted the damage, and eliminate the mutual threat or threats

Significant ‘Authorities’/Influences


The largest, fastest and most able airship, THE big ONE is the last air faring craft that would ever be threatened by Inse or the other survivors.

Given its capacity to outrun the Blindlands and help other ships to do so, the airship is respected and even protected by the allied crafts that travel with it as a part of its cluster.

While the captains of these allied ships do not take orders from the (virtually unknown) captain of THE big ONE, and in fact fly independently, they do follow on THE big ONE’s lead and gauge their altitudes and flight paths based on its flight. This can be seen in how THE big ONE leads the cluster in times of travel; its every turn, change in velocity and change in altitude is mimicked by its cluster, and upon settling into a new period of stillness, the cluster spreads out to allow THE big ONE choice of docking air space before closing in again to dock themselves around it.

Rare instances, assumed to be caused by specific repair needs, have also seen THE big ONE descend onto the ground. In such instances, the allied air vessels distribute themselves around it at varying heights whilst crew members station themselves on the ground to guard its perimeter. While crew members of THE big ONE itself are seen stationed around it, it is the allied crews who form the first ring of defense. Among ground based survivors and other air faring clusters alike, it is known that this was never an official condition upon allied vessels to THE big ONE, but rather, a practice that manifested mutually among them over time.

Captain Sergo

Following the destruction of his craft and the loss of his crew after Inse’s gaze outruns them, Captain Sergo openly gave into his rage and began rallying together everyone and anyone who wished to partake in his plan to take down Inse once and for all.

Formerly established in reputation and significance as one of the rear fliers of his associated cluster, Sergo’s craft was relied upon for saving any ships that fell behind or experienced crew-endangering malfunctions during travel. Unable to keep up after Inse’s turn began to speed up without warning, however, Sergo’s craft fell behind into the trailing East Peripheral, and then into the Blindlands, causing it to crash down into the Major ahead. Only he is recovered barely alive in the East Peripheral. The fate of his crew is unknown, the prospects grim.

Restored in the Major, he reacquires his influence almost immediately and becomes the new voice of victory over Inse. The reasons, presently obscure to most, are expected to reveal themselves as the plan unfolds.

Lore II: The Insecure One ( Transport )



Transport vehicles are made up completely of mechanical parts and fueled by steam powered engines of varying internal configurations. That or they are driven by combustion engines customized from salvaged parts left behind following Inse’s destruction. New parts are easy to acquire and fuel sources are in relative abundance considering the severely reduced population still alive and demanding them. Owing to that advantage, many are able to gather enough resources to power basic jet engines for times of emergency when speed becomes vital to survival.

Alternatively, some transports are completely independent of fuel, instead functioning off a multitude of intricate combinations of specially designed gears, suspenders, chains, pulleys, pistons and the likes that allow the users to travel as if on semi-or completely-automated stilts or bikes. Relying on momentum, some of these bizarre contraptions almost drive themselves forward and over the mounds of debris and dead, giving the users an elevated means of travel.


In the beginning it was relatively easy for survivors learned in a branch of magic to manipulate their powers over long periods of steady travel. Whether manipulating a platform with unseen forces, utilizing raw power to soar or launch themselves forward and over obstacles, or outright teleporting short distances, the slow rate of Inse’s turn allowed for brief recovery stops, enabling continued travel through magic. However, the extended traveling time and increased pace of Inse’s turn have since forced such means into extinction ten years later, and although a select few are still able to keep up, many have reverted to combining their magic with technology.

Mechanical and Magic

Many survivors able in magic presently use combinations of fuel combustion to drive a magically manipulated platform, magic to heat and power advanced Stirling-esque engines attached to motors, and everything else fathomable in between. As long as on side of the trade is able to make the other move, it exists in the world of Whatslef.

The Railfolk Tracks

Over the years, some of the more practical of survivors, eventually coined Railfolk, situated in the End-lands started creating train tracks that would run from the East Peripheral to the West in order to give the Eastern dwellers a better chance at getting away. The train, running on whatever was best recovered from the region, would be placed a distance from the edge of the East Peripheral while the tracks, built the last time they were there and since rusted away, recovered under Inse’s gaze. Upon the beginnings of Inse’s shift, the train would leave the East Peripheral without any stops until it reached the West. The rest of the way is independent to the survivors.


Air-based vessels often band together in allied clusters that travel and dock together. Usually, this would consist of:

  • The ‘leading’, most prominent ship, usually an airship, who will typically lead the others in their travel route and determine the Docking Grounds.
  • Allied ships who make up the rest of the cluster and link the crafts together during times of stillness. These include the air balloons who in more organized clusters help to carry additional cargo
  • Signalers who track the movement of the cluster and measure the speed of Inse’s turn in order to relay any changes or problems to the others.
  • Rear guards; fast and more able ships who deliberately hang back in order to come to the aid of any cluster member in danger of falling behind.


Airships had already been used prior to Inse’s arrival, and over the years after, advanced into the massive-sometimes mini and private-air faring vessels that fill the sky in allied cluster fleets. Propelled by advanced jets, magic propulsion, etc, they are the main and most reliable means of transport in Whatslef, anchoring down during times of stillness and forming temporary ‘cities’ in the sky from their ties to each other.

Their interiors transit from the more industrialized, important parts of the ship (main deck/maintenance/fueling sectors) to the more communal sectors, which in larger ships can even include a market where allied air-farers and their passengers set up trade.

Air Balloons

Air balloons are mocked as the lesser rulers of the sky by ground travellers, but in reality, are respected as equal farers to the airships. Relying on alternative fuel sources or more intricate and complicated mechanics, they are less dependent on magic and considerably more maneuverable that the looming airships. Although less matched in speed, their abilities to serve as passenger, cargo and resource carriers earn them a place among selective airship fleets.


A common and some times only means of travelling from one air vessel to another during both times of transport and docking. Colored according to affiliation, they are permitted to glide down to lower flying crafts and are inbuilt with simple jets to enable fly up to higher ones. Similar to hang gliders, they take on multiple forms and are best used for short distances (or for fun when airfarers have nothing else to do.).



 Boats are extremely rare and risky in the world of Whatslef, as the waters demands its own rules in navigating which do not always comply with the nature of Inse’s gaze. Rather than directly running away from the Blindlands as Inse turns, they have to go around and sometimes under at the cost of precious time and ground needed to be covered.

Of the boats that do exist however, they are automated to take a specific pre-determined path in order to ensure a higher chance of getting between two locations in times of stillness. In times of travel, they are usually packed up for the road or abandoned altogether.

The Insecure One: Chapter 1- Rallied

Day 1

Despite the only recent reversal of the rot and waste that made up their immediate surroundings, survivors of every trade and calling zipped, wheeled, sped, glided and soared over the lands and through the skies with a detached, yet unanimous, air of joy.

Although destined to be short lived, this lighthearted anticipation was the product of carried word and signal from those among them tracking the movement, declaring with full certainty that all of them, from the West Peripheral to the tailing East, were mere moments away from the end of Inse’s turn.

Nine long days of perpetual travel were literally moments from being over.

Airships and balloons cut the fuel to their thrusters and propellers in preparation, and land based vehicles veered off from their straight paths to lay claim to ideal temporary camps amidst the rubble ahead of competitors; drivers of magic-based transports switched to less exhausting primitive wheels and gears and raced off to join them.

The transition from travel to stillness was in place, but even as the survivors began to establish their existence in their new, temporary homes, instinct, conditioned from the many years of racing to keep under Inse’s gaze, turned all eyes to a single straggling airship in the distance.

Inse’s gaze was slowed, but still not at a complete stop, and far out into the East Peripheral, a lone airship’s thrusters burned with all the power it could muster, the Blindlands catching up to the small vessel.

As a distress signal went out, one of the nearer, larger crafts ahead of it made to fire lines into its hull, a technique that in the past allowed them to help pull endangered ships along, but as the larger ship got into position, the rear of the smaller ship fell into the Blindlands, erupting in a blast of fire and smoke. The larger airship abandoned the rescue and veered off away from it, and the smaller craft went down.

Having been flying beyond its full speed, the airship did not simply collapse where it was, and instead accelerated down towards the ground in the direction it had been going, the surviving half ironically breaching out of the East Peripheral and into the safety of the Major. As Inse’s gaze ceased to turn, the airship hit the ground, grinding through the debris in a flurry of fire and sparks before coming to a burning, crumbling halt.

Arriving to the wreckage, survivors did the only thing they could do, and began to loot the ship for all its resources and surviving material. Flames were extinguished and metal was pried away, and as latecomers arrived to witness the blackened spectacle, a young girl jumped off her family caravan and went down to join in the looting, hoping to find something useful before her older brother and father noticed she was already gone. The craft had created a little crater in the ground, and onlookers, knowing better than to bother considering their lateness, watched on from the sloping rim.

“That ain’t right. . .”

No one wanted to acknowledge it, and the man continued, looking directly to the others beside him. Unbeknownst to any of them however, two more had joined them at the rim, shielded from natural sight with the help of an illusion.

“Its sped up again-“

“It couldn’t have; it’s too soon.”

“Sergo should have been more than capable of outrunning It if It hadn’t!”

No one responded, and he shook his head and left.

Those gathered continued to watch the looting in silence, but the roar of an engine brought another vehicle along to the site.

From a ledge in the wreckage, the girl watched as four people got off the vehicle, helping out a fifth who hobbled badly, clutching a broken pipe for a walking stick. He tried to swear, but instead spat blood onto the floor as he managed to stagger towards the wreckage, his grief at the sight of the ruins drowning out all questions from the surrounding onlookers. Survivors instead turned to those who had brought him, and they shrugged.

“We found him out in the East Peri.”

“What about his crew? Sergo had like thirty people. . .”

“The ship was built to eject everyone as long as one pulled the switch. We only found him out there.”

By now the hobbled man had straightened, the walking stick abandoned as Inse’s gaze faded his wounds, his bent legs showing no sign of defect. The grief in his eyes had faded into rage, and he cast a long, sharp glare out to the distance.

Following his gaze, the girl immediately spotted the silhouette of Inse in the far distance.

Turning away, the man strode towards a distracted survivor in the process of trying to cut a transport board from the exposed cargo hold, and onlookers let out a unified oooh as the looter hit the blackened floor face first, unconscious.

Getting on the board the man fired up the thrusters, an electric sail extending from the base, and taking the sail by a cord he blasted away off the ground, flying low and out of sight.

Hearing her father call, the girl began to make her way off the wreckage as below, the survivors began to talk. She had only found one interesting thing on the ship, and balancing it on her head, managed to climb down.

“He’s gonna do something stupid.”

“Just what we need; Inse’s obviously pissed enough.”

“It hasn’t sped up! Inse-”

“Then what did this? We all saw Sergo fall behind-a class 8 fell behind!”

Someone else was about to answer when one of the survivors noticed the girl with the bundle on her head. Snatching it off as she passed, he took her shoulder.

“Did this come off the ship?”

She hesitated, then nodded, and he held it out for the others to see.

“Then here’s a possibility.”


It was a Saboteur explosive: Small and compact. It was obviously just part of the cargo, being intact and not even armed, but the very presence of it set the people there on edge and speculating. One of the men who had arrived on the vehicle was particularly disturbed, and stretching out a hand, a crackle shook the air around him.

“Lets find out.”

Off to the rim of the crater the air warped, and as an illusion collapsed to reveal a male figure, the survivor pulled his arm back, causing the figure to be flung forward towards them. Seeing his face as he made to get up, the survivor sighed.

“Oh. . .You.”

Tightening his invisible grip on him, he continued.

“Well? This one of yours and Luelle’s?”

Usually, mention of the name brought about a silent, but harmless, anger, but gathered around the shattered and charred remains of an airship with a potentially dead crew, weapons were drawn among onlookers, the situation moments from escalating.

Doubter laughed.

“Usually I’d appreciate the credit.”

Deflecting the hold for a brief split moment, he pulled the bomb between them, arming it, and everyone froze.

“But you know that’s not our style.”

Those at the rim backed away, but the six, including Doubter, were at a stalemate. The seventh no one noticed anymore, the young girl, could only stand there, stuck in the middle.

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Lore I: The Insecure One


Sorry for the length of this but I suck at summarizing things. 

Also this is not a representation of our world, but rather one that shares a relative likeliness. Just saying XD


  1. Background
  2. Map Zones
  3. The Problem
  4. The Objective
  5. Characters
  6. Environment (Brief)
  7. Game Transport
  8. Character Creation/Stats
  9. Developments

Highlighted bits are additional details.

Highlighted bits are ‘laws’ and ‘traits’ being added.


The greatest of ancient civilizations spoke of the gods, depicting them as if they lived among them and documenting how their gods not only offered guidance, but insight and wisdom of their past, present and future.

In a world no less lacking in faith, it came to be decided that such divine presence could only bring with it such progress, of which a lasting legacy would surely emerge. Rallying together, the people sought every means by which to bring a god, any god among the faiths, unto the physical world, and after years of exhausting every outlet across the fields of prayer, magic and technology, they succeeded.

Arriving to the world, whatever they summoned did indeed possess power befitting a god, as standing 40ft tall, it tore the world from reality, flattening its surface into a single, suspended plane in an abyss of the night sky. It answered no questions and made no indication of even noticing the confused and terrified people around it, and kneeling, settled in the center of the world.

After years of the initial fear, anger and grief fading away into a hopeless acceptance, those who survived that day came to mock the being as The Insecure One, or Inse, for at the very moment it opened its eyes to the world, all life outside its field of vision was brutally torn from the bodies of every man, woman, animal and child. Decay accelerated in everything; flesh deteriorated amidst metals, concretes and fabrics alike. Only that which was before Inse was spared, and many speculated it was the beings way of keeping an eye on them, the elimination of everything else a drastic means of preventing anyone from bringing upon it unforeseen harm. Those who had been fortunate or unfortunate enough to have been at the edge of its sights however, found themselves stricken with unexplained illnesses, physically impaired and near death, and only those who were able to return to the direct field of sight were eventually freed of their ailments, experiencing almost arbitrary, additional improvements to their physical states.

These regions – where life could still barely exist – between the major field of vision and the being’s blind fields, became simply referred to as the West and East Peripherals.

For all the destruction, life could have returned to being a twisted kind of simple: Stay where life could exist and all would be well. A month after the sudden shock to the world, however, those still alive realized Inse was beginning to turn.

Evacuating in panic, survivors watched as the seconds brought decay and death to their homes behind them, forcing them into the remains of what had previously been destroyed. Inse seemed to slowly rotate where it was, but stopped after a week’s worth of constant travel to keep within its sights. Time went on, and always Inse would turn, creating a world where all notions of home were abandoned, replaced instead with perpetual travel for survival. Perpetual scavenging became a normality as well, as decay seemed to reverse under Inse’s gaze, providing a sufficient amount of resources to remain available with each journey forward.

Life went on, around and around the remains of the world, with the unmoving Inse at its center.

Map Locations

Primary Zones


The direct field of vision of Inse stretching from Inse itself to the edge of the world. The safest and only place where life can be sustained and decay is reversed. This reversal however, stops short at actually returning life to organic matter.

The West Peripheral:

The safer of the two peripheral zones as Inse has been known to turn its gaze in the direction of the West, which upon doing so would replace it as the new Major.

The East Peripheral:

The riskier of the two peripherals as those in the East must be sure to keep up when on the move during the shift in Inse’s gaze, else they be pushed out of it to their deaths.

The Blindlands:

All outside of Inse’s vision, where instant death and accelerated decay are to be found.

Secondary Zones


The immediate region in front of Inse. It is a contested space for its security, as situated so close to Inse, the least travel is required to stay within Its sights, and the rate of Its gaze’s turn is also the slowest.


The entire region between the immediate Fore-lands and faraway End-lands. The majority of the surviving population ‘resides’ here.


The outer rim of Inse’s sights towards the edge of the world. It requires the fastest and furthest travel to stay within Inse’s gaze, and is the hardest region to survive in without help and proper transport.

The Problem

Life literally revolved around Inse for a barely tolerated ten years, but as the cycles of Inse’s gaze went by, it became apparent among survivors that the old could not die, and the young barely aged. Their prolonged lives, constantly beset by the never ending reminder of Inse’s destruction with each journey, were also forced to coexist by the piles of dead loved ones and fellow man alike who would never find rest, and finally, anger was reignited; survivors rallied to fight.

Creating weapons and reviving spells of battle, they traveled inland towards Inse despite the next period of travel expected to have been approaching, intent on finding some way to make it pay for their predicaments. As the first attacks fell, however, Inse, for the very first time since its arrival, reacted to their presence.

Its gaze began to turn faster than it had ever turned, and when it finally settled again, it did so for a week less than before, the period of travel itself lengthened by hours. Again the survivors tried, and tried again, but as if Inse now watched them, the mere act of preparing an attack brought along even shorter period of stillness, accelerated turns, and gradually lengthened periods of travel. To continue trying to fight, it seemed, was to bring about their own demise.

The Objective

Inse’s gaze now turns every 3 days-almost too quickly to keep up on foot-and each turn lasts 9 days.

But still people are angry.

There is no stopping further impulsive attempts against Inse, and hence no stopping the eventuality that one day, Inse’s retaliation would set his sights beyond any survivor’s means of keeping up.

There is no stopping It bringing about the end of all remaining life, and the only thing left to do is to beat Inse to that eventuality by either outsmarting, or destroying, It first.


The dwellers/survivors of Whatslef, a name coined for the region under Inse’s gaze at any given time for obvious reasons, vary largely in terms of lifestyles given the complex nature of the world and the absence of any official social structures. How they travel and whether they are solitary or part of a group can change on a whim, and the majority of the population largely came to create their own purpose in life to live for.

The list below both serve to present the types of people you may encounter as well as the types you may choose from. You may also choose to come up with something completely different as long as it could exist in this world where technology and magic are still being practiced (based on what can be/was recovered from Whatslef by said character).




Those who carried out the first attacks against Inse were the first to recognize the consequences of doing so. Rallying together, they created the second and most formidable line of defense in the Fore-lands against those out to destroy Inse in the hopes of preventing the attacks from worsening the situation. They are only active and hence effective at the base of Inse Itself, where they have set up a barricade they guard. They are strictly organized and hardly tolerant even among their own ranks.


Survivors who have convinced themselves to embrace Inse’s presence. They make up the first defense of Inse in the Fore-lands beyond the barricade and claim to receive power from the ‘god’.


Survivors who choose to travel in airships and air balloons during times of travel. Often, these vessels form a secondary ‘city’ above the ground when anchored in the Major with makeshift bridges and ladders linking them to trusted ships. Given the high risks involved in relying on these vessels for travel and security, access to them are often restricted to the crew and trusted passengers, or strictly controlled in visitor/passenger movement. There are only a few people who have their own, solitary air vessels that are tolerated by the larger vessels. Air space within Inse’s sight is not exactly contested, but for fear of crashing, proximity is a serious, mutual concern.

Unofficial Groups and Callings:


Finding the dead too many to bury, survivors initially piled them up and left them for the element. Returning to the location the next time around Inse however, it became apparent the dead were unable to decay away under Inse’s restoring gaze. Some people began trying to solve the problem of the piling masses, and dedicated groups or individuals began formed in the hopes of laying the deceased to rest. With cremation throwing the ashes of the dead into the air to invisibility spells causing rude shocks and dangerous obstructions, however, these people are somewhat respected for their cause but generally seen as a nuisance.


Dedicated to manning and maintaining the train and the tracks in the End-lands for the sake of fellow survivors.


Self explanatory. These people have selective ties to different groups and types of people who choose to coordinate with them.

General Survivors:


They mind their own business and do their own thing for their own purposes and means. Whether in groups or alone, they generally do little to stir things up. Even if they did stir things up, odds are those in their circles would know.


Whatslef is the ‘continent’ that Inse is based on in the center of the flattened world. Other continents are still in existence, and testing fate, the more extreme travelers risk sea travel to them without the certainty of surviving the next shift in the waters or in the next lands over.


Riskies, or Risk Junkies, come in three forms. 1. Highly adept at survival and more exposed/uniquely equipped than others. 2. Extremely, learned and informative but also extremely disabled and/or dying. 3. Dead, with their only use being in collecting whatever loot they recovered whilst still alive. Whatever the status, they are the most unpredictable of the lot, with a extended branch of their lifestyles being the Saboteurs.


Unsatisfied with their already dangerous lifestyles, Saboteurs are Riskies who cross the line and literally find/create trouble around others, causing anything from petty scuffles to fatal accidents for the heck of it. The worst among them once caused an airship to fall into Blindlands during a shift, killing everyone on board.


Survivors actively still pursuing advancements in technology and/or magic wherever they can. Their intentions and purpose for doing so vary.

Environment (Brief)

Whatslef features mostly intact ruins of large buildings and structures, with land forms depending on the Major at the time. Dwellers usually use mechanized or simple stilts or climbing equipment in order to get around.

Water bodies inland are not common.

Given Inse’s restoring gaze, physical tolerance for damage and contaminants are moderately improved, so riskier feats within the Major can be achieved at reduced physical consequences.

The air is breathable (so long as the Ritesmen are not burning corpses. . .)


Game Transport

‘Public’ Transport:

Nice people do exist, and such people would be willing to help others during the traveling periods of time as Inse turns by allowing you to hitch a ride or even temporarily belong to their traveling groups for a price or even for free. Be advised however: Murphy’s law wasn’t one of the victims of Inse’s arrival.

Private Transport:

Players are allowed to create any form of personal transport vehicle based off, and even combining, the use of magic, technology and science with whatever their character may have been able to salvage from their surroundings with respect to their backstories.

Players are even welcomed to go to the extremes in their transports if so wished, though it would be advised to set your own limits to these extremes as given the nature of the environment, it would be just as easy for your characters to do so as it would be for me to destroy them across the course of the story.

This would be in order to prevent any-over-the-top-extremes from compromising the plot.

All characters would typically require some means of transport however.

Unless you’re cool to walk.



‘Emergency’ Transport:

Over the years, some of the more practical of survivors, eventually coined Railfolk, situated in the End-lands started creating train tracks that would run from the East Peripheral to the West in order to give the Eastern dwellers a better chance at getting away. The train would be placed a distance from the edge of the East Peripheral while the tracks, built the last time they were there and since rusted away, recovered under Inse’s gaze. Upon the beginnings of Inse’s shift, the train would leave the East Peripheral without any stops until it reached the West. The rest of the way is independent to the survivors.

Character Creation

Character Details

  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Means of transportation, whether a personal vehicle or not (Completely up to you. This will affect your overall inventory.)
  4. Preferred ‘tools of the trade’ (Magic/Tech/Nil/etc)
  5. Backstory
  6. *Character Type

*Brief overview of your character’s chosen ‘lifestyle’. You may choose a listed character type or create whatever character fits into the lore. There are only humans in this world, but the existence of both magic and tech may provide alternatives if you want to go there. . .

Additional Details:

  1. Stats (You may arrange your 8 stat points according to your character. If you leave this out, I will assign them for you based on the above details.)
  2. Affiliations in Whatslef
  3. Companions/Familiars if any

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The was a rumor that if a child is hated by Inse, he would be born with blue inscriptions on the body.