Final Paintings

For the Final paintings I wanted to try a structured, architectural type of painting but also wanted to work with lights and textures. I choose to work on a offshore oil rig given that it would give me a chance to attempt such whilst also having the ocean to create a break away from all the metal and solid forms.

Final 1 (Offshore Oil Rig – Day)

Final 2 (Offshore Oi Rig – Evening)

After the critique on Final 1, I attempted to improve on the background design in Final 2 by trying to put in more thought to the use of colours and varying the techniques used to create the reflected glow from the rig in the waters as well as from the land to give it a sense of distance.

I switched to cooler, darker colours in Final 2 to create more contrasts between the lit sections of the rig compared to the darkness and shadows of the environment, and tried to hue and blur the light sources such that they spread across the different levels of the rig.