What I learn best


I guess I’m more of a visual and oral person when it comes to learning.

I learn best by drawing mind maps for different topics. This enables me to see a clearer picture and make connections between various points. I also prefer remembering definitions using my own terminologies as I tend to recall them more than actually memorising them word-for-word.

Creating abbreviations/nonsensical (profane at times) phrases is also one style that I utilise to remember long strings of information.

Example, colours of the rainbow:

R (ed)

O (range)

Y (ellow)

Gives (Green)

Birth (Blue)

In (Indigo)

Vietnam (Violet)


Making associations using Visual and Oral mnemonics in Physics:

AC (Alternative Current; Fleming’s right-hand rule): All right handers “Act Cute”

DC (Direct Current; Fleming’s left-hand rule): All left-handers are “Damn Cute”

MFC (Directions for Motion, Field, Current): Mother Fucking Cute


Well, you get the idea.

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