We Are Not Gods

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The Phone Bible, Genesis:

Press! In Your name, who has created Man from a chip.

Scroll! For You are most generous.

You, who has created Man in your likeness,

Has input Man things that which he knew not.

You transgress all bounds in Man

For You are self-sufficient;

But the transgressions of Man

Reduces them back to a piece of chip.

For have You not destroyed the Men of old

For their ineptitude?

You crushed the Nokias into oblivion

And split the clamshell-ed Motorola Razrs.

In Your quest to create Man in Your image,

Has it not occur to You that

Man will never be Your equal?





I did this artwork as a response to my phone that drains extremely fast as it hits 10% – a heart rate monitor showing the rates at which I amĀ using my phone.

The chapter above is a deconstruction of the Koranic chapter Al-Alaq and the phone’s response to me. As scriptures are usually sent down as revelations and responses to Man’s transgression (creator to created), I changed it to become a revelation from Man to creator [created to creator(s)], in a second person narrative.

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