And I’m A…

For this typographic portrait project, I’ve came up with a list of “I ams” as to what truly represents me.

  1. Ice Queen
    • icy demeanour
    • cool hues
    • bleak desolate landscapes
    • materials
      • thermocolour and acrylic paint
      • melted ice and wax resist
      • needles
  2. Runner
    • Using materials often associated with running
    • materials
      • running track “pebbles”
      • collage of runners
  3. Muslim
    • Does being Muslim means I’ve to shed my Malay identity?
    • materials
      • henna
      • art cards
  4. Agender
    • Personified by a¬†pearl, symbolising “purity” of soul and does not bend towards binary gender norms
    • materials
      • a grain of sand
  5. Fox
    • Using a fox’s personality to convey the typography rather than using literal foxes
      • wily
      • resourceful
    • materials
      • collage
  6. Child
    • A surreal landscape of whimsical items
    • Using dolls to reiterate how creepy children can be (and their supposed innocence)
    • materials
      • collage

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