The “I” in portraIt

Since the number of portraits have been reduced to four, I’ve narrowed down the candidates to be:

  1. Agender
  2. Ice Queen
  3. Runner
  4. Child/Nostalgia


Which, to give some sort of coherence, I’ve changed them to associate myself with different Greek deities:

  1. Hecate’s Acolyte
  2. Heart of Hera
  3. Hermes’s Prodigy
  4. Son of Aphrodite



Sketching stage – Hecate’s Acolyte

A Takato Yamamoto inspired piece. Attempting to put in symbols that represents me (full moon, carnations, etc).

Collected track “pebbles” from the repair works in NTU

Managed to gather a lot (really gross and gritty) and have to rinse them off.

Glueing each “pebble” individually on the base with a template

I tried just applying glue on the base and pour the “pebbles” over; doesn’t work.

Materials used for Heart of Hera.


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