Filtration system

Technology-wise, I’m researching on the different ways to create a filtration system for the cones. I’ve narrowed down to a few concept that I found interesting:


Extracting water from humid air

(1) Fontus

The cooler consists of two parts, the upper side and the lower side. When there’s electricity, it will heat up the lower side and cools the upper side. The lower side will then cool down as the humid air enters the machine and condenses into the condensation chamber.

Fontus design concept


Dew-catching technology


(2) Spider silk

“The secret… lies in the silk’s tail-shaped protein fibres which change structure in response to water. Once in contact with humidity, tiny sections of the thread scrunge up into knots, whose randomly arranged nano-fibres provide a roughly, knobbly texture. In between these “spindle knots” are joints, which are smooth and slender, comprising neatly aligned fibres.Small droplets then condense randomly on the spider’s web. Once they reach a critical size, the droplets slide along the slick-surfaced joints thanks to surface tension. The droplets then reach the spindle knots, where they coalesce with larger drops. As a result, the joints are freed up to begin a new cycle of condensation and water collection.”


I’m also anticipating what I will need and which is most feasible: water-repelling spray and water-resistant materials needed that is light, malleable, and fabric-like.

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